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10 Reasons Why You Should Immigrate to Serbia

Our team has noticed a significant increase in the number of applications for obtaining temporary residence permit in the last year, and the numbers keep growing. You may be wondering why so many people want to live in a relatively small country in the middle of Europe, but you would be surprised how many advantages there are to immigrating to Serbia.


We present to you 10 advantages of immigrating to Serbia:


1) Great strategic position – Serbia is a European country on the Balkan Peninsula, positioned between East and West. It is located at the crossroads of important land, river and air routes, and as a result of its geographical position, Serbia has traditionally good relations on both sides of the world.


2) Simple procedure for obtaining temporary residence permit – temporary residence in Serbia can be obtained in several legal ways, such as company formation, real estate investment, legal employment or studying. Foreign citizens can be company owners or entrepreneurs, and there is no minimum investment amount when it comes to real estate purchase. Another advantage is that you don‘t need to have any certificate in Serbian language in order to apply for residency.


3) Low cost of living – compared to other European countries and considering the good quality of life, Serbia has the most affordable cost of living. With a large share of agriculture in total GDP and production located close to consumers, Serbia manages to maintain affordable prices of high-quality food production.


4) Medical care – all residents of Serbia and their closest family members are entitled to free government medical care. Besides government insurance, there is a variety of private insurance companies that offer medical insurance with the smallest package starting at 70 euros per year.


5) Education – Serbia has a great public and private education system. Public schools are free for all students, including foreigners. Higher education in Serbia includes 8 public universities, with the University of Belgrade counting 31 faculties. There is also a number of great private schools and universities.


6) Real estate market – the residential market in Serbia is growing at a rapid rate, especially in the capital of Serbia – Belgrade, and the second largest city in Serbia – Novi Sad, the center of Serbian IT industry. In comparison to the other European cities, real estate prices in Serbia are considerably lower.

For example, the prices of real estate in Belgrade range from 1,500 to 2,500 euros per square meter, depending on the location and quality of the real estate. Another important advantage for foreigners is that there is no minimum investment amount required for obtaining temporary residence, for foreigners who want to immigrate to Serbia.

7) Climate and nature conditions – Serbia has a favorable climate with short winters, hot summers and mild springs and autumns. Serbia is a country full of natural treasures waiting to be discovered. From the vast plain in the north to the high mountains in the south, Serbia will surprise you with the diversity of natural landscapes and wildlife. Numerous plant and animal species that have almost become extinct in other parts of Europe have found refuge here.

8) International relations – Given that Serbia is in the process of joining the EU, political and economic cooperation is strongest with European countries. In addition to Europe, Serbia traditionally has very good relations with Russia, which is confirmed by the signed free trade agreement. Recently, China has stood out as a very important strategic partner of Serbia, with which a free trade agreement has also been signed, as well as many other international agreements. We also must mention that Serbia has 60 effective double taxation treaties on income, capital and property.

9) Financial Benefits – Serbia offers a number of different financial benefits, such as financial incentives for projects in the manufacturing sector, R&D and services, if subject to international trade, corporate income tax incentives for investors and payroll tax incentives for employers.


10) People and the environment – people in Serbia have a generally friendly attitude towards foreigners and are very easy going and fun to be around. Living in Serbia, you will enjoy great food and drink, multicultural cities and exciting nightlife, all while meeting different types of people.

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