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About Us

Association “Welcome to Serbia” rests on three main principles: loyalty, efficiency and hospitality, which pave the way for stability and success in the turbulent world of today.


Our ability to create tailor-made solutions for the Clients starts with the team made up of experienced international bankers, who were engaged in a number of currently and formerly popular banking jurisdictions, such as Switzerland, Andorra and Latvia. Enthusiastic young experts are joining Association “Welcome to Serbia”, providing dynamics necessary for the evaluation and daily execution of Clients and partners demands.


We are constantly monitoring current economic, banking and global business tendencies, as a part of our effort to remain not only informed, but to always be able to take proactive measures to ensure nothing can surprise us, our clients and our partners. This means we are experts in all aspects of comprehensive business development, such as banking solutions, Client profiling, business restructuration, legal regulations, OECD conventions, CRS implementation rules and other matters relevant for the present and future of your business.


As unique as we are, don’t doubt that we share your passion for achieving long-term goals. We pride ourselves on our high standards and integrated approach, which guarantee that much-needed banking, migration and Family Office solutions will be delivered to you in the most efficient way.


Please don’t hesitate to contact and visit us: we are fluent in English and Russian language and are looking forward to working with you.