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Thank you very much to Welcome To Serbia for their help in setting up our new company in Serbia. Our company works closely with the European market, and having our hub as close to Europe as possible was decisive in choosing Belgrade for business registration. The link to Welcome To Serbia was found on the Internet, and their website says everything in a convenient and accessible way. Having sent an inquiry, we received an immediate reply and had a short Skype meeting to discuss the possibilities and work out a plan of action. Everything was very friendly and attentive to the client. An important point in choosing Welcome To Serbia was the ability to speak the native language. The Welcome ToS erbia employees speak excellent Russian and helped with everything: selecting an office, preparing documents for registering a company and opening a bank account, obtaining a residence permit and a work permit. The main difficulty is that you are in a foreign country and do not understand the language and current laws, rules, regulations, and business customs, so you have to keep asking and clarifying. I would like to thank my assistants from Welcome To Serbia - Nina, Jana and Dejanа for their patience, help, smiles, and support! Serbia is a beautiful country and we hope to start filling "like home" in it soon!

Iuliia Rakita, Director – Semiconductor Technology Research d.o.o. Beograd

I wanted to open a business abroad but had very little experience with this. I contacted WTS and they helped me with relocation, company registration, opening a bank account in Serbia and successfully assisted me in obtaining a residence permit. The team is very friendly and was always ready to help me even with problems not related to business registration. Well, I have no complaints and I recommend their services to everyone.

Ivan Solonkov owner and director of LunaticMoon DOO

We would like to thank the organization "Welcome to Serbia" for help in a rather complicated story. My boyfriend is French and I am Russian, we met right before the covid pandemic so being physically together was difficult for us. None of us had a visa to our native countries and we had difficulties to obtain any. So we travelled to other countries to be together and enjoy our life. When we thought about getting married and searched for information how to do it in our situation, turned out it was not that easy to get married in France or Russia. Once we travelled to Serbia we decided to adress lawers to help us. The team of "Welcome to Serbia" explained it was no obstacle to get married on the territory of Serbia and the list of documents was really reasonable to make it quickly. We needed two witnesses and as we didn't know a lot of people in Belgrade, the members of the team kindly agreed to be a part of this important for us event. We are happily married now and it eases our further steps to finally come back home together.

Valeriia Radchenko and Michael Courtier

"When we decided to start the relocation process, the first thing we did was to look for partners – lawyers who could help us with that. We met with quite a few different agencies, but after meeting with your team, we realized that we wanted to work with you. We are both very experienced in working with different partners and have our own method of determining who we want to work with. When choosing a partner in a foreign country, it’s not only their professionalism that matters, but also how much you trust them. We saw many professional lawyers who knew the law well, but only your team demonstrated the breadth of their competence, their willingness to help solve the various problems that may emerge while integratiing in a new country, emotional involvement and a great desire to implement this project. We did not look specifically for Russian speaking consultants, because we do not have problems with foreign languages, but the fact that the entire team working with us speaks excellent Russian was also a big plus. That is why we chose you and are very pleased with that".

Pavel Arsenyev, CEO of „Pareto-Print“ and his wife, Tatiana Galkova, PhD in History

“My account was closed in Latvia and due to my PEP status I had a problem opening bank account.”

Citizen of Ukraine, physical person

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