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“I highly recommend WTS family office service. Through this WTS team maintain communication with banks, tax authorities, business registry. This allows me to focus on the important things.”

Turkish citizen, Owner in IT company from Turkey.

“My Estonian company with cryptocurrency activity is working through Serbian branch like a clockwork. Accounts opened in three different banks with E banking. Before Serbia I had problem opening bank accounts for my company.”

Turkish citizen, with Estonian OU crypto currency exchange company.

“As the owner of a non-resident corporate account, I am very positively surprised by the speed with which a non-resident account is opened in Serbia for my company registered in Cyprus. The company is dealing with cryptocurrency trading. In less than a month, almost without any difficulty I got a bank account for my company, which is fully operational and which I use without any extra paperwork.”

37-year-old businessman from Cyprus

“It’s been absolutely amazing from the teachers that I’ve met, to the friends I’ve made. I really couldn’t have asked for a better time here Belgrade.”

21-year-old international student from India

“My first work experience with WTS team has been very positive. You can rarely find such fast and quality service in the rest of the world. To obtain the residence within just a month- POSSIBLE!”

43-year-old Consalting expert from China

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