Testimonials » Welcome to Serbia


“WTS thanks for the prompt service. We are planning to come to Serbia in September and spend all our free time there. Your help with finding apartment and signing the agreement with landlord is very appreciated. See you soon!”

28-year-old IT expert from Cyprus

"Thank you WTS! Everything works just perfectly. I appreciate your help especially during first transactions and activation of e-banking. I recommend Serbia and your service to all my friends."

47- year-old Russian businessman having a company in Estonia

"After Andorran banking system collapsed, I found myself in no man’s land. Then Serbia appeared. People say that Serbia is between West and East: For me, Serbia is above West and East."

50-year-old Russian with residency permit in Andorra, active in different wholesale setups all over the Europe

"Serbia means calmness and hospitality. To be honest, I was afraid of such serious step: registering a company and applying for residency in the country I have fallen in love with. My Attorney helped me to obtain required documents and permits. Looking forward to getting my tax residency declaration!"

55-year-old Spanish citizen, working in the trading sector for more than 20 years

"Family Office is just what I needed. No more boring correspondence with banks and State authorities, so I can concentrate on finding new Clients. Never have I worked with former bankers before."

30-year-old logistics expert from Russian Federation

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