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Serbia – the New Russian Business Center – Part 1

Many (and perhaps the majority) of those who come from Russia to Serbia are thinking about starting their own business here. Serbia is an attractive destination. Business is always a risk, and a business started in a foreign land is a double or triple risk.

So, why start a business in Serbia?


Increasingly, Serbia is of interest to Russians and residents of CIS from the point of view of business. This is not surprising. 

Today many companies from Europe, Asia and the USA are present in Serbia. And they feel quite comfortable in this market. Quite a lot of foreigners invest their money in Serbia as an investment-attractive country with clear legislation and adequate rules. 


The country’s economy is developing, and this is, as you know, the best condition for developing your own business, so it is quite possible to start your own business in Serbia.

The geographical position and close ties with both Russia and Europe guarantee further economic development.


Free Trade Agreement signed between Serbia and the Russian Federation has strengthened mutually beneficial trade ties. At the moment, perhaps, every Russian has met with Serbian goods, in particular with food, and was able to appreciate their quality. The prospects for increasing the import of Serbian goods to Russia are really great, since almost every producer in Serbia is ready to increase production and improve quality in order to get to the Russian market.

Serbia provides business conditions suitable for both local and foreign entrepreneurs interested in expanding or developing their operations in a safe and appreciated environment. 


Great infrastructure, appreciated economic indicators, appealing tax structure, and support provided by the authorities in matters of business incentives make Serbia not only an attractive business destination but also a long-term partner for countries like Russia and many others.


Why Become a Resident of Serbia?

When people say „Serbia“, the first thing that comes to mind is an affordable lifestyle, excellent food, and the city that never sleeps – Belgrade.


Over the years, Serbia, a country located at the crossroads between East and West, has conquered the hearts of many visitors with its natural beauty and ethnic cuisine. Apart from enticing financial advantages, Serbia also offers a wide array of new laws, which can serve to facilitate personal and professional development for foreigners.



What does the term „Resident of Serbia“ imply?



  • It refers to a person living in the Republic of Serbia
  • And who, in addition, has a personal or professional interest in the country



The right to reside in Serbia can be realized in several ways:


  • by starting a company or opening a branch of a company
  • through the purchase of real estate in Serbia
  • by investing in existing firms





What incentives are there for obtaining residency in Serbia? Apart from all the aforementioned benefits, Serbia allows you to live a freer life in light of less restrictive Covid-19 measures, including more freedom of movement and relatively unrestricted access to bars and restaurants. Despite the current situation in the world, our country allows its citizens to live a relatively normal life, with the same high standard of hospitality as always. However, we will endeavour to make your stay even more enjoyable by helping you obtain a residence permit or passport – if applicable.



In the year before the pandemic, around 11 thousand foreigners settled in our country. In light of the circumstances, these numbers have increased significantly through 2020. According to the United Nations Development Programme, Belgrade was ranked seventh city in Europe for digital nomads by the Nomad List website. The BBC has found that many Westerners claimed to have made the decision to move to Serbia’s capital almost overnight, but that the results were much better than expected – with a relaxed atmosphere and very affordable lifestyle. Here, you will find the ideal grounds for an IT start-up, as well for any freelance career, as confirmed by the testimonials of the many foreigners who have spent some time in Belgrade.





Yet another advantage of living and working in Serbia is the presence of a plethora of international banks, such as: Western Europe (Banca Intesa, Unicredit, Erste, Raiffeisen bank, Societe Generale), Russia (Sberbank, VTB, Expobank), Turkey (Halkbank), UAE (Mirabank), China (Bank of China).



What is particularly attractive is that Serbia does not have CRS reporting, meaning that this is one of the few places where privacy still exists. In addition, other benefits include a personal tax of only 15%, political neutrality (considering that Serbia is one of the few countries that has not imposed sanctions on Russia), and a number of reputable universities which have close collaboration with other international faculties.



Information first – decisions later.



If you do not hold Serbian nationality, but would like to live in Serbia, the above tips can serve as a good preliminary base to consider the possibility of moving to Serbia. However, you must keep in mind that the issue is more complex than it may seem at first and that there are parameters that vary on a case-by-case basis. The above-mentioned should therefore not be treated as legal advice.

In any case, our company is available to assist all potential clients in the process of applying for a residency permit in Serbia.

Please contact us for more information:

Email: dd@welcometoserbia.org, Mob: +381646594849 (WhatsApp, Viber)



New Crypto Law in Serbia Enters Into Force


The Serbian Parliament adopted the new Law on Digital Assets (Law), which came into force on 29 December 2020. In order to leave enough time for digital property service providers to harmonize their business and general acts with the provisions of the Law, the Law is envisaged to apply after 6 months from the date of entry into force.


By adopting the law on digital assets, Serbia will belong to the small group of the most innovative countries in the world that have recognized the synergy of new technologies with the financial services sector, and decided to support and improve such singing through the legislative framework, while ensuring effective investor protection, financial market integrity and financial stability of the country, Minister of Finance pointed out. 


What are Digital Assets?


Digital Assets are defined as a digital record of value that can be digitally bought, sold, exchanged, or transferred and which can be used as a means of exchange or for investment purposes.


There are two types of digital assets under the Law: virtual currencies and digital tokens.


Virtual currency is defined as a type of digital asset that is not issued and whose value is not guaranteed by the Central bank or other public authority, which is not necessarily tied to a legal tender, has no legal status of money or currency, but is accepted by individuals or legal entities and it can be bought, sold, exchanged, transmitted and stored electronically.
Digital Assets (Crypto-assets) are inextricably linked to blockchains, as they are the blocks that make up the chains themselves. Crypto-assets come in many forms and with varying rights and functions. A crypto-asset can serve as an access key to a service (often referred to as “utility tokens”), can be designed to facilitate payments (often referred to as “payments tokens”) but can also be designed as financial instruments, such as transferable securities.


What are the key elements of these proposals?


Digital Assets service providers (and notably trading platforms, exchanges, and custodial wallet providers) will be required to have a physical presence in Serbia and they will be subject to prior authorization from a national competent authority (National Bank of Serbia) before starting their activities. They will be subject to capital requirements, governance standards and an obligation to segregate their clients’ assets from their own assets. These crypto-asset service providers will also be subject to IT requirements to avoid the risks of cyber thefts and hacks.


As regards issuers of Digital Assets, the proposal requires the publication of a white paper including all relevant information on the specific crypto-asset. Such information would include a detailed description of the issuer, the project, and planned use of funds, conditions, rights, obligations and risks. Members of the issuers’ management body will have to meet probity standards, and misleading market communications by crypto-asset issuers are prohibited. Compliance with all these requirements will be supervised by national competent authorities.


For issuers of asset-referenced tokens, the main requirements include the obligation to be authorized, governance requirements, rules on conflict of interests, disclosure of stabilizations mechanism, investment rules, and additional white paper requirements. For example, the obligation to disclose information on any potential claim, and minimum rights on such a claim.


Issuers of e-money tokens will be subject to the regulatory requirements of the Electronic Money Directive and the rules set out in the Regulation on Markets in Crypto-Assets.


Digital Assets service providers will be subject to prudential requirements, organizational requirements, rules on safekeeping of clients’ funds, and rules on mandatory complaint handling procedures and conflicts of interest. Besides, there specific requirements are depending on the type of crypto-asset service provider.


Law on Digital Assets wants to help banks embrace cryptocurrency. More regulatory guidance will help traditional banks warm up to cryptocurrency. The proposals are trying to counter the perception held by some traditional banks that transactions involving cryptocurrencies present heightened risks that require lengthy and expensive due-diligence checks.



Who can provide digital asset services and what are those services?


Only a company registered in the Republic of Serbia can be a Provider of services related to digital assets.

Registered Providers may perform some or all of the following:


  • receiving, transferring and executing orders relating to the purchase and sale of digital assets on behalf of third parties; (capital requirement 20.000 euro)
  • services for the purchase and sale of digital assets for cash and/or funds in the account and/or electronic money; (capital requirement 20.000 euro)
  • digital asset exchange services for other digital assets;(capital requirement 20.000 euro)
  • storage and administration of digital assets for the account of users of digital assets and related services;(capital requirement 20.000 euro)
  • services related to the issuance, offer and sale of digital property, with the obligation to purchase it, or without that obligation:(capital requirement 20.000 euro)
  • keeping a register of pledges on the digital property;(capital requirement 20.000 euro)
  • digital asset acceptance/transfer services; (capital requirement 50.000 euro)
  • digital asset portfolio management ((capital requirement 50.000 euro)
  • organizing a platform for trading digital assets (capital requirement 125.000 euro)


The entity applying for the relevant license must have a minimum registered capital of EUR 20,000 to EUR 125,000, depending on the type of service it will be providing.


Serbia is now home to many successful fintech start-ups and many other businesses are overhauling their models, often in cooperation with Fintech companies.


Technology companies, both large and small, are increasingly diversifying into financial services. Furthermore, digital finance has helped citizens and businesses tackle the unprecedented situation created by the coronavirus pandemic.


Welcome to Serbia team can provide you with the practical know-how to start your Serbian Cryptocurrency business or exchange. We are doing it now in compliance with current laws and we have more than 10 clients who already have their own Cryptocurrency business in Serbia. We’ll help you build a successful Cryptocurrency business, please contact us immediately.


Please contact us for more information.
Email: sm@welcometoserbia.org, Mob: +381 60 1849 443 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram)

Double Taxation Treaty with Hong Kong

On December 30, 2020 the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the Government of Hong Kong of the Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as Hong Kong) on ​​the elimination of double taxation income and property taxes and the prevention of tax evasion and avoidance (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) entered into force.


We remind you that the Agreement was signed in Belgrade on August 14, 2020 and in Hong Kong, on August 27, 2020, in Serbian, Chinese and English.


In the Republic of Serbia, the Agreement will be applied starting from January 1, 2021., and in Hong Kong, the Agreement applies to each tax assessment year beginning on or after April 1, 2021.


In this regard, the maximum rates of withholding tax on dividends, interest and royalties provided for in the Agreement (which the source state such as the Republic of Serbia, may apply during the payment) are:




5 per cent of the gross amount of the dividends if the beneficial owner is a company which, during a period of 365 days including the dividend payment day, directly owns at least 25 per cent of the capital of the company paying the dividends (for the purpose of calculating that period, changes in ownership that would result directly from a corporate reorganization, such as a merger or demerger of a company that owns shares or pays a dividend, are not taken into account);


10 percent of the gross amount of dividends in all other cases.




10 percent of the gross amount of interest




As an exception to the above, interest arising in a Party (this is on the grounds that Hong Kong, in the formal legal sense, is not a State but a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China) paid by that Party (the Republic of Serbia) or its political unit or local authority or (in the case of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region) by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority or the Stock Exchange Fund or (in the case of the Republic of Serbia) the National Bank of Serbia, to a resident of the other Party, shall be taxable only for that other Party if the ultimate beneficial owner is:


in the case of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region:


Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region;


Hong Kong Monetary Authority;


Stock Exchange Fund;


in the case of the Republic of Serbia:


The Government of the Republic of Serbia, its political unit or local authority;


National Bank of Serbia.




5 per cent of the gross amount of royalties (for the use or for the right to use copyright in a literary, artistic or scientific work, including cinemas or movies or films for television or radio); and

10 per cent of the gross amount of royalties (for the use or for the right to use a patent, trademark, design or model, plan, secret formula or procedure or for the use or for the right to use industrial, commercial or scientific equipment or for notifications relating to industrial, commercial or scientific experience – professional expertise/know-how, DD note).


For all additional questions we are at your disposal, you can contact us by e-mail sm@welcometoserbia.org or to a phone +381 60 184 9443 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram)



Serbia the right place for you

Let us tell you shortly about the advantages of Serbia and the different solutions you may find here.


Whether you want to avoid obstacles in the process of opening a bank account, find a better place for starting your business or immigrate to a new place where you can feel safe, you are actually on the right page. 


Why is it all possible to find in Serbia? 


A European country connected to many parts of the world


Thanks to its convenient geographic position, Serbia has always been considered as near  to any part of Europe and not far from the Middle East too. West, South and East seem all close when you are here. On the top of it, for the last 15 years the government decided to increase its good relations with many different countries. 


By signing Free trade agreements with the EU, Russian Federation, Balarus, Kazakhstan and Turkey it became a lot easier to trade in Serbia while the Free zone territories offer extra benefits provided by the state.


Efficient and flexible banking system


But even if you aren‘t interested in direct trading with/from Serbia, you will get support from a banking system that is very flexible. Serbian banks will provide you service even in case of remote opening of an account, which is not usual worldwide nowadays. The list of requirements and information for opening both corporate and personal accounts is surprisingly short. But definitely, the best of all is the fact that Serbia banks will not automatically send your information abroad, being that is not in the CRS.


Immigrating to Serbia is always a good decision. The list of reasons is long, and we invite you to visit us and get in touch with the spirit of Serbia, meet the people and taste the food in order to understand the benefits of living here. Starting from the low cost of everyday life to the moment that you will feel close to the EU not only because of position but also because people will support you in English language which the foreigners find as most surprising when visiting Belgrade. That‘s how Serbia became the place where above carrying a mix of Balkan, European and Mediterranean cultures inside you easily get that feeling of finding a „new home“. 


Contact us for more information and we will provide you with all the necessary facts about Serbia.

Благотоврительный фонд для общих целей (БФОЦ), благотворительный фонд для личных целей (БФЛЦ) и фонд

Благотоврительный фонд для общих целей (БФОЦ), благотворительный фонд для личных целей (БФЛЦ) и фонд представляют собой уникальные бизнес-инструменты, в котором основатели не рассматриваются как UBO (конечные бенефициары). Эта структура представляет собой превосходную форму традиционных англосаксонских и западноевропейских фондов.

Данные структуры полностью поддерживаются местными банками в соответствии с положительными местными и международными законами, наложенными на банковский сектор, и позволяют использовать полномасштабные банковские услуги. Банки рассматривают управляющего директоров как UBO, без каких-либо запросов на информацию и KYC учредителей.


Ниже предоставляем основные информации про БФОЦ и БФЛЦ, с одной стороны и основные информации про стандартный фонд, с другой стороны.


  • Учредителем может быть одно или несколько дееспособных физических или юридических лиц; возможное последующее участие соучредителей
    стандартный фонд: такой же, как БФОЦ / БФЛЦ


  • Основный капитал в момент учреждения – минимум 30 тысяч евро в материальной форме, правах или в денежной форме, в динаровом эквиваленте.
    стандартный фонд: Нет основных средств


  • Благотворительный фонд для личных целей (БФЛЦ) может быть учрежден с общим (который может быть ограничен представителями определенной профессии, национальной, этнической, культурной или иной группы) или частным интересом (учредитель, семья учредителя или третьи стороны); данное определяет его дальнейшую деятельность и круг бенефициаров.
    стандартный фонд: Фонд может быть создан исключительно с общими или социально полезными интересами (которые могут быть ограничены членами определенной профессии, национальной, этнической, культурной или другой группы).


  • Благотворительный фонд для общих целей (БФОЦ) и благотворительный фонд для личных целей (БФЛЦ) –  некоммерческие организации.
    стандартный фонд: Фонд – некоммерческая организация.


  • Пожертвования, подарки, добровольные взносы и другие безвозмездно полученные средства от благотворительных пожертвований не подлежат налогообложению.
    Эти средства облагаются налогом по специальной налоговой ставке 2,5% в случае пожертвования с частным интересом.
    стандартный фонд: Пожертвования, подарки, добровольные взносы и другие свободно полученные средства от фондов не подлежат налогообложению.


  • Они могут быть установлены на определенный период времени (в связи с обстоятельствами или некоторым достижением цели) или на неопределенный период времени.
    стандартный фонд: такой же, как БФОЦ / БФЛЦ


  • Органы управления – овет директоров и Менеджер; учредитель может быть задействован в одном из этих двух органов.
    стандартный фонд: такой же, как БФОЦ / БФЛЦ


  • Совет директоров – это орган с самой широкой компетенцией, который назначает и освобождает Менеджера, но Менеджер несет ответственность за законность работы; Совет директоров состоит как минимум из трех человек
    стандартный фонд: такой же, как БФОЦ / БФЛЦ


  • Фонд может, на основании установленной законом вспомогательной деятельности, соответствующей целям, приносить доход от коммерческой деятельности.
    стандартный фонд: Фонд может, на основании установленных законом дополнительных видов деятельности, соответствующих целям, получать доходы от коммерческой деятельности.


  • Активы фонда, отвечающие за принятые обязательства, не могут быть распределены между лицами в структуре, но могут быть использованы только для реализации всех уставных целей.
    стандартный фонд: такой же, как БФОЦ / БФЛЦ


  • БФОЦ и БФЛЦ может прекратить свое существование по решению компетентного органа.
    стандартный фонд: Фонд может прекратить свое существование по решению компетентного органа.


  • Распределение собственности после прекращения существования регулируется внутренними актами, и в случае пожертвований с общим интересом может стать собственностью другой структуры с общим интересом.
    стандартный фонд: Распределение собственности после прекращения существования регулируется внутренними актами и может стать собственностью только другой структуры с общим интересом.


  • В случае смерти или прекращения существования учредителя Совет директоров принимает соответствующие поправки к Уставу или новый Устав.
    стандартный фонд: такой же, как БФОЦ / БФЛЦ


Выбор соответствующего решения


БФОЦ и БФЛЦ подходят:


  1. для определения определенного имущества, которое включается в фонд без налогообложения в качестве уставного капитала и, таким образом, исключается из юридических потоков, в которых участвуют учредители,


  1. как средства защиты собственности, определенной в уставном капитале, от любых судебных исков против учредителя, в то время как учредители, определяя цели пожертвования, определяют, для каких целей может быть использовано имущество,


  1. учитывая, что он могут быть преобразован в фонд,


  1. для долгосрочных, в том числе многолетних проектов.


Особые преимущества БФЛЦ:


  1. автономная структура коммерческого характера, которая в то же время защищает собственность и удовлетворяет частные интересы учредителей, членов семей учредителей или третьих лиц,


  1. может быть акционером юридических лиц и получать дивиденды без начисления и уплаты налога на дивиденды,


  1. может быть владельцем долей в компаниях и недвижимости за рубежом,


  1. исходя из вышеизложенного, это гораздо более дешевое и более устойчивое решение, чем панамские и кипрские фонды и трасты как конкурирующие юридические формы, которые скомпрометированы проблемами, с которыми сталкиваются финансовые системы этих стран,


  1. может успешно использоваться как для внутренних, так и для международных нужд.


Фонд подходит для: 


  1. для проектов, которые рассчитаны на более короткий период времени, с учетом того, что накопленные средства переводятся на счета, т. е. расходуются на реализацию определенного общего интереса,


  1. в случае, если приоритетом учредителя является быстрое формирование структуры с учетом отсутствия Уставного капитала, а также с учетом связанных с этим обязательств учредителя в случае, если в дар передаются вещи или права,


  1. в случае, если ожидается приток или приобретение активов от большого количества доноров, а затем полученные средства будут распределены дальше,


  1. для использования преимущественно на территории Сербии. 


Обе организационно-правовые формы (БФОЦ/БФЛЦ и (стандартный) фонд): 


  1. не требуют, в отличие от решений за рубежом, привлечения внешних надзорных органов или органов внешней защиты,


  1. обеспечивают возможность включения учредителей в ключевой орган управления – Совет директоров, а также обеспечивают максимальную защиту интересов путем подчинения Менеджера Совету директоров,


  1. определены как правовые формы «без членов», которые юридически гарантируют отделение собственности структур от собственности учредителей, непрерывно в течение существования структур,


  1. при правильном структурировании средств, счетов и их использовании получить полную поддержку от местных банков,


  1. облагаются налогом по минимальной налоговой ставке (2,5%) или не облагаются налогом вообще (пожертвование общих процентов и фонд).


Свяжитесь с нами в любое время. Наша команда юристов, банковских экспертов, бухгалтеров и других консультантов в Вашем распоряжении.


E-mail: sm@welcometoserbia.org, Teл.: +381 60 184 9443 (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram)

Family Office

People who own large businesses can not do business alone and often need helpers who will take on some of the financial and non-financial concerns. The demand for the services of such consultants was the reason for the emergence of family offices.


A family office provides a wide range of services tailored to meet the needs of the clients.


Professional services provided by an experienced team of professionals


Providing advice and services for the clients under a comprehensive management plan is far beyond the capacity of any professional advisor. It requires a well-coordinated, collaborative effort by a team of professionals from the legal,  business, and tax disciplines to provide the scale of planning, advice, and resources needed. 


A team of high-level specialists gathers in the family office. These are lawyers, financiers, accountants, analysts. For the clients, this kind of teamwork is much more convenient and effective than obtaining separate services from some organizations and experts. 


The family office sees the complete financial picture and manages all projects in the complex. 


Meeting each other is a beginning, staying with each other is progress, and collaborating with each other is success. 


So, come meet us, stay with us and work with us.


Why Renting A Company Is Becoming A New Trend


The sharing economy concept became worldwide known through Uber and Airbnb. What if your needs are reaching beyond transportation or hospitality services, could you still use the benefits of this concept? What if your client requires official company registration and VAT number in order to do business with you, and you don’t have time or resources to establish a needed legal entity? Why not just rent a company!



Send Invoices and Receive Payments Without Having a Company


By renting a company, you enter into a partnership with Rented Company, in which Rented Company acts as a commission agent that takes care of payments and paperwork so you can focus completely on your work and customers.

You can send invoices from Rented Company, receive the payments from your customers, pay your subcontractors and suppliers and withdraw money to your bank account as compensation or secondary income.



What Are the Advantages of Rent-A-Company?


  • No Company Setup Fees & Monthly Costs

All regular costs, state fees, and corporate tax duties of the rented company are covered by us.

  • No Accounting

We manage accounting and paperwork so you can focus solely on your work and clients.

  • Increase in Profit

Increase your profit by allocating the time you saved with Rent-a-Company to improve existing or bring new projects and clients.

  • Significant Tax Reduction

Pay your subcontractors and suppliers or withdraw money from the rented company as compensation in order to reduce your taxable income.

  • Less paperwork and more time to work “in” your business. 

While renting a company does not completely eliminate all paperwork, it definitely reduces it, allocating more time to focus on work and clients.



Who Uses a Rent-A-Company?


Startups use Rent-a-Company

Entrepreneurs can kickstart or test ideas with Rent-a-Company before deciding on founding their own company thus avoiding high initial expenses.

Freelancers use Rent-a-Company

Freelancers, consultants, sole traders, agents, and other professionals working remotely use rented companies to simplify the payment process and significantly cut their business costs and taxes.

Businesses use Rent-a-Company

For companies, it’s easier to pay associates worldwide and receive invoices for their work through Rent-a-Company, which provides a simple and transparent process with all needed legal support.



What is Rented Company suitable for? 


Sell Your Hours

Send invoices to the clients for your working hours through your Rented Company.

Sell Your Products

Increase the trust of potential buyers by selling your products on behalf of your Rented Company.

Trade in Goods

Use your Rented Company for international trade in any type of goods.



Mark Babel, Software Developer

“Several times a month I need to send invoices for the programs that I create. More and more clients require an official company registration and VAT number to work with me. Many times I thought about opening my own company, but every time I understand that it is difficult and expensive. Opening a bank account today requires at least 3 months. In my situation, I have chosen to use a rental company.




What do you get by renting a company?


Our team of experts will help you run your business smoothly.

  • Director

An experienced Senior Manager with 20+ years of experience

  • Accountant

Professional bookkeeper takes care of accounting and reporting

  • Lawyer

The experienced lawyer ensures full compliance with all laws and requirements

  • Tax & VAT Expert

All tax issues will be covered thanks to the highly qualified specialist.

  • Allround Secretary

All tasks will be completed efficiently and on time with the multi-functional assistant.

  • Compliance Officer

Compliance specialists will protect the company from suspicious third parties.

  • 24/7 support in English, Russian, and Spanish



Rent-A-Company is a business model ideal for those who do not need or want to have their own company but only need some legal entity to invoice their clients and receive payments. 

Our team of professionals is dedicated to ensuring that your needs are fully understood while providing you with unrivaled service and expertise.

Please contact us for more information.

Email: sm@welcometoserbia.org, Mob:+ 381 60 1849 443 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram) 

Professional Services for High Net Worth Individuals

Once your skills in commercial operations and business model lead you to success and you join the group of high net worth individuals, your priorities will be determined by the accompanying necessities, investments and long-term projects. Our team of well-experienced banking experts, lawyers and accountants recognized the importance of providing top-notch services and solutions in the most important fields of such work, making sure your business continues to flourish.


1. Family Office


Family office services are designed to fulfil all essential needs that clients have in the jurisdictions in which we operate. These services imply operational, administrative, consulting and legal services. Family office is a must-have tool which helps clients to concentrate on the business itself and to leave time-consuming activities (day-to-day communication with banks, registry, tax authorities, accountants, partners, etc.) to professionals with vast experience and connections in this area. Such services include administrative, banking, legal, accounting, correspondence and consultation components.


2. Confidentiality


At the moment, thanks to the current Serbian law and the positive attitude of the banks, the Serbian legal system offers a special legal form that guarantees full identity protection to individuals and companies, without the risk of losing legal and factual control over such structures. Our in-house lawyers and external attorneys-at-law have been involved in the structuring of complex structures for HNWI for the last two decades. Those legal forms are fully supported by the local banks in compliance with the positive local, EU and other international laws, bylaws and procedures imposed on the banking sector, with guaranteed usage of full-scale banking services.


3. Asset Protection


Serbian endowment, another specific legal form, offers well-known benefits of Anglo-Saxon trust and Panamanian foundations, but without the need to appoint the external protectors. Founding capital of the endowment is not taxable and donations and gifts are taxed at the lowest tax rate in Serbia of 2.5%. The assets of the endowment are legally separated from the founders and beneficiaries, which means that such assets cannot be subject to court decisions, divorce procedures and similar risks. At the same time, in accordance with Serbian laws and internal documents, the assets can only be controlled by the persons designated by the founders and spent exclusively in favour of the beneficiaries. Such structure may also be used as a holding of domestic or companies registered abroad, given that dividend payouts are not subject to taxation either. 


4. Tax Consultation


Extensive work experience in banking and services sectors of Eastern and Western European jurisdictions allowed us to perceive various situations from the perspective of personal bankers, accountants, auditors and lawyers, which contributes to better integration of different opinions and quality responses to numerous tax concerns. Our core team and accountancy expert cover personal income tax, corporate income tax, value added tax, property tax,
annual personal income tax, all with the aim of optimizing tax expenditures, reducing
tax risk and managing the tax procedure in a professional way.


Please feel free to contact us for assistance in acquiring our family office services. You can rely on our banking experts, lawyers and consultants, who will deliver tailor-made solutions, taking care of your personal and financial interest. We are looking forward to building a long-term business relationship with you.

Expand your business by opening corporate account in Serbia

Serbian banking system gives a unique combination of benefits for opening a business bank account. This is the most efficient way to start a business here. We can provide you with a full list of requirements for opening a corporate bank account if you reach out. Key advantages of the Serbian banking system are the following:


  • More than 30 banks operate in Serbia among which you can choose between EU, American, UAE or China banks
  • The accounts can be opened in:  USD, EUR, CHF, TRY, RUB, GBP, CAD, DKK, JPY, SEK
  • The banks are very open to international clients even for complicated structures
  • Different company activities are accepted, even those that are far too undesirable in Europe Union or further
  • No minimum deposit required
  • Low maintenance fees, from 3 to 7 EUR/month
  • Remote account opening
  • Only general information required during the process of opening
  • Transactions from all jurisdictions are accepted


If you combine this with very low taxes and benefits such as following, you get the real opportunity to make your business more profitable:


  • no withholding tax
  • double taxation avoidance for 54 countries
  • income tax ranging from 0 to 15%


Isn‘t it great to hear that all these can be found in one place? But wait, that is not all…we didn‘t mention the main benefit: SERBIAN BANKS ARE CRS FREE ZONE!


Please do not hesitate to contact us and find out more details and a short list of requirements for starting your business through Serbia bank accounts in just 15 days.


For any question please contact on 


+381 60 1849 443 (whatsapp, telegram)

or send us email: online@welcometoserbia.org