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Serbian banking system has lots of benefit, being that Serbia is on direct crossroad from West Europe to Turkey and far on to the middle east, we have six groups of the banks. Local, EU, Russian, America, Turkish and one UAE bank form Dubai. This gives us clients a freedom of choice and it guaranties good conditions because of the competition in the banking market.

The other very important benefit regarding Serbian banking market is state deposit insurance, funds are secured in amount of EUR 50.000 per bank with this client can disburse funds on few accounts, and with that risk as well. Please find below a quotation form site of state ”Deposit Insurance Agency” and a link to agency itself.


The deposit insurance system provides for a guarantee that every depositor shall be reimbursed for its total RSD and/or claims in foreign currencies arising out of the savings deposit, current account and other bank accounts, held with every bank, up to EUR 50,000 (insured amount – coverage level), regardless of the number of accounts of the individual depositor opened with the particular bank

Read more: http://www.aod.rs/en-od-za-deponente.html