Eastern Serbia

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Regardless of all the knowledge about the importance of teamwork, about the fact that it is reflected in the success and quality of business, in modern companies, unfortunately, there were never less time dedicated to build a team spirit as nowadays. Our team understands the importance of this concept and [...]

20 Important Points from the Law on Foreign Exchange Operations and Law on External Business Operations

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The Law on Foreign Currency Operations and Law on External Business Operations are among the most important regulations defining the business operations with individuals and legal entities from abroad. Proper interpretation of those regulations and their implementation in everyday activities are the basic elements of the successful existence and competitiveness [...]


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America, trendsetter in almost all areas in life of us all. Probably the most influenced area by America is business and banking. Business and banking market were, for ages, being shaped by strong economies and strong countries in EU who are pioneers in these areas. These countries are constantly adding [...]

First 5 reasons why to study in Serbia

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1. A recognized diploma in the world What you can be sure of when enrolling at some of the Serbian faculties is that the diplomas you acquire at the end of your studies are recognized in a larger number of countries, both Europe and the rest of the world. And [...]