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A business idea is the essence and the driving force of any business. When an idea is formed, the actual start of business operations comes on the scene, involving a series of activities which require a lot of time and effort. Furthermore, if a business is started abroad and in a totally new environment, it will be necessary to make energy and time savings, given the fact that the entire process is extremely complex and difficult. The best way to streamline and expedite the start of a business is to bypass the first most complex steps, i.e. to purchase a ready-made, already worked out business. Serbia is offering a broad market of businesses on sale from very diverse business areas. These areas, although very different, may be classified into several categories according to their subject matter:



  1. Hospitality facilities


A large number of businesses offered for sale are related to hospitality services. These are, primarily, the services of hospitality facility management. Apart from restaurant management, the management of numerous night clubs, cafes, bars and confectioneries is also on sale. The offer of sale of these activities most often includes the sale of space where the business is conducted.



  1. Hotel industry


Hotel management is a very popular business on sale, including sometimes even the management of entire tourist settlements, which simultaneously involves management of accommodation units, restaurants and other related business. In addition to management of constructed hotel and apartment accommodation, it is frequently the case that preliminary designs or designs in the course of implementation are offered for sale, and these may refer to entire complexes and settlements.



  1. Beauty parlours


Among the offered service industry businesses, you may find management of beauty parlors, which again quite often includes sale of the related space and of the entire equipment. The equipment also includes larger and more expensive pieces of equipment, such as sunbeds, medical lasers, etc, as well as the furniture required for such activity.



  1. Exchange offices


The business of managing exchange offices in Serbia is also quite often on offer, frequently including the equipment at extremely good locations, most often in Belgrade, but also in other cities.




  1. Production industry


Factories engaged in the production of very diverse products represent a large part of business offered for sale in Serbia. The most popular are factories producing chemicals, paper, plastic, furniture, home appliances and protective equipment.




  1. Trade


The offers often include trading in these very products, involving also car parts, as well as medical and aesthetic devices and pieces of equipment. Especially prominent is trading in textile industry products.




  1. Agriculture and food production


In reference to the above, fruit, vegetable and tea production represents the activity which ranks high in the business market of Serbia. On sale is ownership of entire farms, as well as the companies engaged in fruit processing and drying, commercial freezers or production of meat and processed meat products.




  1. Shops and retail chains


Production of other food products and supplements is a part of many offers, quite often together with shops where the trading activity is conducted. Apart from individual shops of food products, entire retail chains are offered for sale, including also pharmacies, flower shops, news stands, etc.




  1. Online business


In online environment, there are worked out websites most frequently for the sale of household and sports equipment and clothes, as well as Instagram pages with the similar purpose. However, there are often activities related to online education on various platforms and websites, usually involving a type of training for specific jobs. These offers sometimes include the sale of start-ups in the area of information technologies.




  1. Transportation


Transportation companies are quite frequent in the business market of Serbia. These companies engage in the carriage of goods, some of them in the transportation of patients or the elderly, some are courier service companies while a number of these deliver food, and in this regard entire businesses of food delivery to the address are sold.




  1. Agencies


Apart from the companies, a large number of businesses on sale include entire agencies engaged in very diverse areas – some of them are travel agencies, while others are accounting firms or employment agencies.




  1. Sports


Gyms and sports centres are another type of business that may be purchased quite easily in Serbia, most often together with the devices and equipment they require. Offers on sale sometimes include larger sports complexes with balloon halls or tennis courts.




  1. Hygiene


The most frequent offers include car wash facilities, laundry facilities, companies engaged in dry cleaning of clothes and furniture, as well as pet grooming parlours.



Therefore, the Serbian business market offers a variety of options that could suit a large number of buyers. It is not complicated to buy a business, though the offers are most often found on a variety of different websites made or specialized for the sale of other services or individual products, second-hand goods, property, etc. It has become required, therefore, within our company, to systematize this type of offers, which resulted in the website Business and Serbia. The website is intended precisely for advertising the offers relating to the sale of businesses, and also the sale of property as the other element required to live and work in our country. In our blog you may also find very informative texts about the advantages of business development in the Republic of Serbia. Welcome!

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