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Guide to Doing Business in Serbia✔

Do you want to start a profitable business in Serbia as a foreigner?
Over the past years, Serbia has been experiencing a steady economic growth and an increasing level of foreign direct investments.

There has been a noticeable progress in the overall business environment, additionally influenced by maintaining the stability of both the exchange rate and the inflation.
The major contributors to the economy of Serbia are the Construction Industry, the Mining Industry, the textile industry, the chemical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the automobile industry, the food processing industry and the agriculture sector.

First important thing is that the economy of Serbia liberal and enjoys loads of foreign investors.
Second important thing is that, actually you don’t need a guide to doing business in Serbia!
You only need 1 thing: Association Welcome to Serbia!
With us you can protect your funds and use them freely!
With us you can develop your business!
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With our assistance you can even relocate you and your family to Serbia!
There is no end of the list of our services! Rely on us and we will show you the brighter side of the business.

You can find us in the most beautiful part of Belgrade – Dorćol.  Finding our office, will be easy, since the Dorcol is one of the 10 coolest neighbourhoods in Europe!

WTS team is always opened for the guests who are looking for a solution, do not hesitate to visit us. We will be more than glad to show you that bureaucracy can be so easy and interesting!
Let us be your light light at the end of the tunnel!

By providing expert knowledge, support and Family Office service along with other forms of support, Welcome to Serbia team can help you every step of the way.
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