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International Schools in Serbia

Immigration to Serbia is a relatively simple process that can be properly and fast managed for adults. But, what should you look for when you’re choosing the benefits of international schools in Serbia for your child?


Education is one of the main reasons why you should immigrate to Serbia. The educational system in Serbia consists of Early Childhood Education and Care, Basic Education, Secondary Education, and Higher Education. Basic education covers primary and lower secondary education within a single structure. Basic education and preparatory preschool programs are mandatory and free. Secondary education is free but not mandatory.


If you are moving to Serbia with your kids, providing the best education is very important for you. A good education system enables them to properly develop and mature into independent individuals, prepared for many challenges in life. Quality primary education for your child includes not only well-mastered material from school but also learning other values. Respect for family, moral values, and healthy living are just some of the skills that your child needs to learn during his development as an academic citizen. International schools in Serbia continue to gain a reputation for preparing children for English-language higher education opportunities throughout the world. Apart from socializing, language is the most important factor when choosing a school. Attending a bilingual institution or an international school in Serbia can help your child during an early stage of relocation, whereas attending a Serbian public school will foster integration.


There are a great many people from all over the world living in Serbia, who hold Serbian residence permits and live there with their families. They have a lot of options when choosing an international school for their children.


International kindergartens in Serbia


International kindergartens are a small kingdom that enables children to acquire new knowledge through play and grow into smart young people. It takes a lot of imagination, creativity, and skills to create a perfectly safe environment for a child to play and socialize with their peers every day, and also learn something new and useful. Through numerous academic and thematic aspects, international kindergartens in Serbia influence the development of the psycho-physical work of every child. Every parent wants only the best for their child. He also wants the best and highest quality education. The international kindergarten is an excellent basis for further schooling and education. It is known that children quickly learn foreign languages ​​with which they are in daily contact. Attending an international kindergarten will help your child speak English, or any other you have chosen, as a native from an early age.


Below is the list of the most popular international kindergartens in Belgrade.



International Kindergarten Little Sparrows/Vrapčići
Beograd, Vračar, Kornelija Stankovića 19

They base their program on learning new languages and developing key social skills by exploring the universes of art and sports. Kindergarten Little Sparrows offers a great Russian package all held by native-speaking teachers!



Vrtić Skazka – Kindergarten Skazka
Beograd, Stari Grad, Miće Popovića 13

Serbian-Russian kindergarten “Skaska” with a beautiful yard, five lounges and other accompanying facilities provides all the conditions for a happy and healthy growth of your child!



The International School of Belgrade
Beograd, Senjak, Temišvarska 19



International Preschool Belgrade Beograd,
Dedinje, Maglajska 1



PRIMA International School Belgrade 
Beograd, Senjak, Dragana Mancea bb



Step by Step English Daycare
Novi Beograd, Bulevar Zorana Đinđića 87



Fantasy – Bilingual French Nursery
Beograd, Vračar, Internacionalnih brigada 66



International Nursery and Primary School 
Beograd, Senjak, Temišvarska 2



The International Corner kindergarten
Beograd, Zemun, Kapetana Radiča Petrovića 32d




International primary schools in Serbia


International primary schools in Serbia work according to the most modern educational programs and offer the highest quality education. The program of international primary schools is diverse, and they are accredited educational institutions. Belgrade’s international primary schools offer educational programs that meet the highest European and American standards. Classes are conducted in Russian, English, French, German, or another foreign language. By attending an international primary school, your child will master a foreign language, make friends from all continents, get to know different cultures, and acquire the highest quality education.


Below is the list of the most popular international primary schools in Belgrade.


RUSKA ŠKOLA (Russian School)
Bulevar umetnosti 28, 11070 Beograd, Srbija

The main educational program of the Russian school is aimed at the formation of the student’s personality: the formation of moral beliefs, aesthetic taste, and a healthy lifestyle, high culture of interpersonal and interethnic communication, mastering the basics of science, Russian language, skills of mental and physical work, ability to social self-determination.


The First Russian International School “Valentina Tereškova”
Andre Nikolića 29, Beograd 11000

The Russian school “Valentina Tereshkova” is a modern primary and secondary school that takes great care of its students’ needs. The special feature of this school is that it unites the best elements of tradition and education of two historically close nations – Serbian and Russian.



The International School of Belgrade
Beograd, Senjak, Temišvarska 19



PRIMA International School Belgrade
Beograd, Senjak, Dragana Mancea bb



Deutsche Schule Belgrad
Beograd, Senjak, Petra Čajkovskog 4



British International School
Beograd, Dedinje, Neznanog junaka 36



Chartwell International School
Beograd, Dedinje, Teodora Drajzera 38



International Nursery and Primary School
Beograd, Senjak, Temišvarska 2




International high schools in Serbia


International high schools in Serbia invite their students to be proud of their cultures and to get to know and respect other languages, religions, and cultures. International schools in Serbia have adapted their program to the national programs of the countries they come from. Studying in Serbia is an excellent choice for those who want to be educated in a foreign language. The main task of every school should be to develop and form knowledge and skills through a modern form of teaching with the work of top pedagogues and professors. International high schools are the right choice for students who want more than their education. High school students are in a turbulent period of adolescence, which is crucial for the maturation and formation of an adult. Therefore, teachers and pedagogues should always be available to students. Choosing a high school is extremely important for your child’s future. If you look at the bigger picture, you will realize that international high schools provide more opportunities for further education.


Below is the list of the most popular international high schools in Belgrade.



The First Russian International School “Valentina Tereškova”
Andre Nikolića 29, Beograd 11000

The educational program is realized exclusively in Russian language, according to Russian programs of federal basic education plans in accordance with the State’s federal education standards (FGOS).



The International School of Belgrade
Beograd, Dedinje, Senjak, Temišvarska 19



Deutsche Schule Belgrad
Beograd, Dedinje, Senjak, Petra Čajkovskog 4



Prima International School Belgrade
Beograd, Dedinje, Senjak, Dragana Mancea bb



British International School
Beograd, Dedinje, Senjak, Neznanog junaka 36



International private school Rudjer Boskovic
Beograd, Banovo Brdo, Kneza Višeslava 17



Savremena – Primary and secondary school
Beograd, Novi Beograd, Omladinskih brigada 86



Chartwell International School
Beograd, Dedinje, Senjak, Teodora Drajzera 28



Ips – International Nursery and Primary school Belgrade
Beograd, Dedinje, Senjak, Temišvarska 2



The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme – Obrazovni sistem Crnjanski
Beograd, Žarkovo, Cerak, Đorđa Ognjanovića 2


Serbia’s international schools provide your child with the best foundation for the future, allowing him to acquire the highest quality education and enabling him to make friends from all continents and master a foreign language very well. The language skills and education that a child acquires in an international primary school or high school can open the way for your child to further education at one of the prestigious universities.


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