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Your future address – Belgrade

According to official statistics of the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, the value of construction put in place in Serbia increased by 39.9 percent in the third quarter of this year compared to the same period last year.

It was pointed out that this is the highest growth rate of construction in one quarter since 2010.

The upward trend in construction, as the sector that contributed most to the growth of gross domestic product (GDP) in 2018, continued throughout 2019, and in the first three quarters the average growth rate of 25.8 percent of executed works was achieved!

The ministry expects the result achieved to increase construction’s share of Serbia’s GDP at the end of the year.


If you want to see for yourself the statistics compiled by the Ministry of Construction, visit the Welcome to Serbia Association and use the unique solution – Residency permit by investment.


This is just another indication that Serbia is constantly evolving. Serbia offers very affordable prices for residential and non-residential buildings. Because of its beauty, Belgrade is a favorable capital for both business and family.


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WTS at the conference –  The Economist: World in 2020

Our team never stops working!

Gathering new information, making new acquaintances, and keeping up with new trends are at the forefront of our daily to-do list.
The Legal Department of the Welcome to Serbia Association participates in conference –  The Economist: World in 2020 conference today.

The aim of the conference is to discuss the topic – changes in the Laber Law.
Starting from the next year, Laber law will be changed with the aim of facilitating the business for foreign nationals within our country!


Serbia has welcomed Belarus

The President of Belarus was greeted traditionally with couple of days ago!

It is a great pleasure that the current visit of President of Belarus to Serbia is taking place on the anniversary, 25 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Serbia and Belarus.

President of Belarus has registered in the book of visits of honorary guests.

The interlocutors agreed that there was a high level of political, economic and international cooperation, as well as in the field of parliamentary, military and military-technical cooperation.

According to the latest available data, Serbia exported $ 41.4 million worth of goods and services to Belarus in the first nine months of this year, an increase of 12.8 percent over the same period last year.

In 2018, Serbia-Belarus foreign trade reached $ 143.2 million, with exports amounting to $ 51.7 million, up 22.5 percent from 2017 when it reached $ 42.2 million.

By value of exports Belarus is the 34th partner of Serbia, while it is 37th in terms of value of imports.

The visit of the President of Belarus gave additional impetus for further strengthening and development in the spirit of sincere friendship between the two countries.

The agreement on scientific and technological cooperation between the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of Serbia and the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus was signed by the ministers of Serbia and Belarus.

Serbia and Belarus have agreed to develop and strengthen technological cooperation by sharing information on science and technology, joint projects and the like.

The signed co-operation program, between the governments of Serbia and Belarus in the field of education – up to 2020 foresees an annual exchange of students of elementary, master and doctoral studies.

Also, two agreements have been signed between the Postal Bank and Belarus Bank on opening correspondent accounts.

The two sides will continue to work together!

How to improve your business for 24h in Belgrade

Even though it’s certainly worthy of a longer stay, Belgrade can be your dream option in case you have only 24 hours available.

Good morning

Have a beautiful breakfast at Smokvica.

Start the day with nice breakfast in one of the most beautiful streets – Kralja Petra. Cozy  place with fireplaces which will make you feel like home. You will enjoy, especially during winter mornings.  Above all, food is very tasty and affordable. You can have a plentiful breakfast for only 10 EUR – coffee included.


Let’s explore Belgrade

Start your journey  nearby Republic Square (Trg Republike).

To sound like a Belgrade local, ask your friends to meet you ‘kod konja’ (by the horse).

From here, head down Knez Mihailova (Prince Mihailo) Street, the city’s main pedestrian shopping area.

Lined with department stores, boutiques and coffee shops, Knez Mihailova Street presents an opportunity for some retail therapy. This veritable treasure trove of antiques, handmade jewellery and clothes is worth a visit.

At the northern end of Knez Mihailova stands the entrance to the Belgrade Fortress and the surrounding Kalemegdan Park.

While exploring the citadel and park, pay special attention to the Victor monument rising above the fortress, across the water towards the distant Fruška Gora mountain.


Enjoy in your business meal!

Leaving a Kalemegdan Fortress, you must visit Gospodar Jevremova Street.
This is well known street, located in the heart of Dorcol.

Besides many cafes and nice buildings, you will be able to find a home of Association Welcome to Serbia.

WTS team is always opened for the guests who are looking for a solution.
If you need business advice or someone who will offer you solution, do not hesitate to visit us.
We will be more than glad to show you that bureaucracy can be so easy and interesting!

Association will answer to all your questions.


Evening celebration

After you solve your business problems, we won’t leave you alone.

We will assist you in every future step.
After we become your best friends who survived the worst with you, we will celebrate prosperity of your business, because, trust me, we will solve everything!

Of course, as every celebration, this one has to be at the best place in Belgrade.
Precisely from that reason, we will take you to the Beton Hala where we can enjoy in nice dinner.
Beton Hala hides various places and we will discover them for you on the same way as we solved your business nightmare.



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Are you a foreign investor? This is opportunity for you!

British Financial Times ranks Serbia as number one in attracting direct foreign investments.

In the first month of this year, we have over 40% more foreign investments than in the same period last year.

The Law on Personal Income Tax will define many incentives for employment.

If you’ve recently graduated from a faculty or a school and you are looking for a job or starting a business, there are no taxes or contributions to your salary, which is the state’s way of inciting you to start working.


For companies, if an employee is coming from abroad, the contributions are 30% instead of 100%.

The budget was made so that a part goes to raising salaries and pensions, whereas another part is to be put into capital investments, amounting to RSD 260 billion.

This will be the great opportunity to think about WTS programs such as:

  1. Residence permit by company formation
  2. Residence permit by investment
  3. Study in Serbia

Serbia as a country in development is very open to all investors and business on an international level, so after moving money to Serbia, it is very common for clients to seek opportunities for business development in this part of the world.

By providing expert knowledge, support and Family Office service along with other forms of support, Welcome to Serbia team can help you every step of the way.


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Serbia sells bonds worth EUR 550 million

Serbia has sold bonds worth EUR 550 million with the yield rate of 1.25% on the international capital market.

This is the lowest yield ever made on Serbia’s bonds issued on the international financial market.

The better price we achieved shows that we have further reduced the country’s risk in just five months. It is a confirmation of investors’ confidence in the results that the Government of Serbia is achieving and another confirmation of economic reforms.

Serbia’s public debt had been reduced from over 70 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) to 51.9 percent of GDP over the past few years.

The average weighted interest rate on the total debt portfolio in September this year was 3.4%, while in 2016 it was 4.5%. The newly issued bonds of the Republic of Serbia will be consolidated and they will represent one series with government bonds issued on the international financial market in June this year. The coupon rate of 1.5% annually and maturity date in 2029 remain the same, and the new bonds “will be listed on the London Stock Exchange, one of the largest and most representative markets in the world.

China the most trustworthy friend of Serbia

Chinese President promised to visit Serbia in 2020.

I promise to find the time to visit Serbia next year in 2020, said Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The main topics of talks between the Chinese president and the Serbian prime minister are bilateral, economic and political relations, as well as cooperation between Serbia and China within the Belt and Road Initiative.

Relations between Serbia and China have never been better and they are characterized by steel friendship and strategic partnership.

The Prime Minister thanked the Chinese President for his principled support of the territorial integrity of Serbia and said that Serbia supports China’s policy.
The last meeting of Serbian officials with the President of China was in late April in Beijing.

Prime minister said that Serbia is especially proud of having the largest number of projects under the Belt and Road Initiative and that the citizens of our country already feel the benefits of this initiative in their dailly lives!

Serbia signed free trade agreement with EAEU

Serbia and Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) signed a free trade agreement in Moscow.

“This means a lot for Serbia, development, competitiveness and living standards of the citizens”


Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said at today’s session that he expects Serbia to have increased trade exchanges with the Eurasian Union, as some products will be exempt from customs.

The agreement extends the list of products that can be imported to EAEU territory without customs, increases quotas for export of goods that apply to restrictions and a wider free trade zone and on Armenia and Kyrgyzstan.

Serbia’s total commodity exchange with EAEU members during 2018.

The EAEU free trade agreements has so far signed with Vietnam, Iran and Singapore, while India, Egypt and Israel still negotiate similar agreements.


“Lonely Planet” put Serbia on the prestigious list!

“When you move away from Belgrade, an ADVENTURE is expecting you”


“Lonely Planet “, one of the most popular tourist portals and publishers of tourist guides in the world, has put Serbia in the top 10 places to visit at 2020 year.



Serbia took the 6th place in this list, right after Azerbaijan, and after Indonesia, Hungary, India.

It was announced from the tourist organization of Serbia (TOS).

  • Serbia is an authentic, significant European state, which is slowly being investigated. Its capital, Belgrade, was one of the main crossroads of the continent for centuries-writes “Lonely Planet “.

The article said that today Belgrade has a daily culture of cafes and nighttime with the Danube.

  • And when you exit Belgrade, expect outdoor adventures, spas and Wineries, ancient monasteries and monolithic monuments from the Yugoslav era-writes “Lonely Planet “.


Don’t miss the chance to explore Serbia!



Serbia welcomed Dmitry Medvedev

“Our friendship with the Russian people is eternal and indestructible”


Attending a ceremonial academy marking the 75th anniversary of Belgrade’s liberation in World War II, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev completed one day visit during which several bilateral agreements were signed.

The contract on the reconstruction of the railway line from Valjevo to the border with Montenegro was signed, which enables the railway from Belgrade to Montenegro to be reconstructed in a few years.


He congratulated Belgrade on Liberation Day, which, as he noted, is a holiday that we all celebrate together.

He also announced that fireworks will be staged in Moscow on this occasion.