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Belgrade to Host Specialised Expo in 2027: Showcasing Education, Culture, and Innovation

Belgrade, Serbia – In a remarkable victory for Belgrade, the city is set to become the global capital of education, culture, and innovation, as it hosts the prestigious Specialised Expo in 2027. This milestone event will bring together representatives from dozens of countries to the Serbian capital for an extraordinary display of progress and diversity.


The announcement of Belgrade as the chosen host city has sparked excitement and anticipation among its residents and officials. The Specialised Expo, also known as World Expo, is a platform that celebrates human achievements, promotes cultural exchange, and fosters innovations on an international scale.



The International Bureau of Expositions (BIE) announced Belgrade’s triumph over tough competitors, including Malaga (Spain), Minnesota (USA), Phuket (Thailand), and Bariloche (Argentina). This victory cements Belgrade’s growing reputation as a global destination for education, culture, and business, and presents an unparalleled opportunity for Serbia to showcase its heritage, traditions, and technological advancements to the world.


The Specialised Expo is expected to attract millions of visitors from across the globe, transforming Belgrade into a multicultural melting pot. The event will bring together experts, entrepreneurs, artists, and visionaries to exchange ideas and collaborate on themes related to education, culture, and innovation.



For Belgrade, hosting the Expo signifies a momentous opportunity to enhance its international standing and strengthen diplomatic relations with participating nations. The city’s capacity to host such a grand event reflects its growing importance as a hub of creativity and progress in the region.


In preparation for the Expo, local authorities are already working on revamping infrastructure, expanding accommodation options, and showcasing Belgrade’s historical landmarks and modern marvels.


President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, stated that a “new city will be built,” and that the future national stadium in Surčin will be one of the important venues for hosting the event. “The overall economic impact will be around 1.1 billion euros. Hospitality, catering – literally everything will flourish,” claims Vučić, as reported by Radio Television of Serbia (RTS).


As the clock ticks closer to 2027, the city is abuzz with enthusiasm, eager to welcome the world to its vibrant streets and celebrate the limitless potential of human achievement.


Source: BBC

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