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After the collapse of Latvian and Cyprus banking systems many of the Eastern clients had to find business friendly environment with flexible banking system and worldwide acceptable corporate structures. Except great banking services provided by world top banks, clients can use more than 64 double taxation agreements that Serbia has signed. Client can easily become Serbian resident and since Serbia is planning to join EU In the following years, this residence will become EU residence with Schengen access.

Clients are having possibility to trade in different currencies such as EUR, USD, RUB, RMB, TKR and many other. There are no limitation regarding owners of your new Serbian company. It can be your old offshore company, your trust or any other entity and what is most important this kind of structuring is fully acceptable to the banks.

We know that things are changing fast, our international experience in banking industry in Switzerland, Andorra, Russia and good knowledge of past events in Latvia, Cyprus, Malta tells us that this kind of business opportunity will not last forever but once client gets on board he will be in safe haven for a long time. Don’t miss the opportunity and get in.

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7 Reasons to form a Serbian Company:

  • 1. Company & Bank account in just 15 days.
  • 2. Low maintenance costs from 100 EUR/month
  • 3. Ideal for international trading and international business optimization
  • 4. Non-residents can be owners and directors
  • 5. Low risk and the most accepted structure for the banks
  • 6. Completely REMOTE procedure
  • 7. Moderate taxation 15% & more than 64 avoidance of double taxation agreements.
  • Procedure:

  • A. Providing to us Limited Power of Attorney (notarized in any country with apostille or legalization)
  • B. Choosing corporate name and main activity
  • C. Providing to us notarized copies of owners and director identification documents (notarized and apostilled) or in case if we have company as a founder we will need set of original corporate documents with apostille
  • D. After getting full set of documents from you we will notarize standard Articles of incorporation and register your company in Serbian Business Registry. Please note that in our team we have experienced lawyers who can draft complicated and special statutes for your need.
  • E. Now comes the interesting part. Bank account opening. In case if ownership structure is simple, we will open a bank account for you in 7-10 days. We are introducing clients to more than 10 local banks so we can give you 99% guarantee that you will have your account opened. 1% relates to clients who have not disclosed us full information about their source of funds and their professional activity. So be honest and success is guaranteed.
  • F. Finally when everything is done, do not hesitate to visit us and to decide if you need our full VIP assistance with your new company. You can also take a look at our interesting history and new wave of modern development. We will do our best to be good hosts.
  • Company forms, procedure and list of documents:
    When forming a Serbian company you will have to make a choice between two legal forms:

    • Limited Liability company
    • Corporation

    The difference of these two structures is the same as in EU. But if you need detailed advice, our in house lawyers will give you the briefest information possible. In short it is the same as in European continental law.

      Frequently asked questions

      Should I VISIT SERBIA in order to form a company?

      No. You can finish the company formation procedure by issuing a notarized special power of attorney (with or without the apostille depending on the country) so we can carry out all procedures without your presence.

      What are the ANNUAL MAINTENANCE FEES for company?

      Together with all fixed Government taxes, accounting and rental fees, secretarial services costs are starting from 300 EUR/month. This can vary depending from location of office, volume of activity of company etc.

      What is the minimum number of COMPANY DIRECTORS?


      Can NON-RESIDENT be the DIRECTOR of Serbian company?


      Can NON- RESIDENT physical person be the sole SHAREHOLDER of the company?


      Is it possible to HIRE A NON-RESIDENT?

      No, in case if he plans to work in Serbia. You can always make a consulting contract.

      How many NEW WORKERS, non-residents, who want to obtain active residence permit can be employed in a company?

      No restriction.


      Yes. Nominee and fiduciary services are arranged with local attorneys at law who will act as nominee and be custodian of the agreement which will protect the rights of the true owners.

      Can you help with BANK ACCOUNT opening?

      Yes. We maintain good relationship with biggest Serbian banks. Account opening is subject to bank approval.