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Company formation

Procedure and list of necessary documents

Company name reservation


  • Providing a local lawyer with Limited Power of Attorney (this can be done in the country of origin or Serbia)
    *In case PoA is issued in another country it has to be Apostilled and translated into Serbian. Preferably the translation should be done in Serbia.
  • Criminal record certificate from the police department in home country;
  • A copy of passport (notarization not necessary)
  • Three proposals of the company name;
  • A brief description of future activities of the company;

* Processing time 2 days.

Verification of the Articles of Incorporation

  • Notarization of a standard form of the Articles of Incorporation.

* Processing time: 1 day.

Registration in the Serbian Business Registration Agency

* Processing time: 3-4 days.

Providing an address for the company and a personal residence


  • Renting or purchasing an office/apartment. Rents start from 150 EUR per month.

*Processing time: 3 days

Signing up for temporary residence (White Card)


  • Processing time: one day
  • Expiration date of this card is 90 days.