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Business consulting is a service that helps businesses improve their performance and achieve their goals by providing expert advice, guidance, and solutions. There are several reasons why businesses may choose to engage the services of a business consultant, including:

1. Expertise: Business consultants are experts in their field and have specialized knowledge and experience that can help businesses address specific challenges or opportunities. They can provide objective and unbiased advice, based on their years of experience and industry insights.
2. Efficiency: Business consultants can help businesses identify inefficiencies in their operations and recommend ways to streamline processes and improve productivity. By implementing these recommendations, businesses can save time and money and become more competitive.
3. Innovation: Business consultants can bring fresh perspectives and new ideas to businesses, helping them stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices. They can also help businesses identify new growth opportunities and develop innovative strategies to capitalize on them.

4. Problem-solving: Business consultants are skilled problem-solvers and can help businesses tackle complex issues and overcome obstacles that may be holding them back. They can work with businesses to identify the root cause of problems and develop effective solutions to address them.
5. Objectivity: Business consultants can provide an objective perspective on a business's performance, strengths, and weaknesses. They can help businesses identify areas for improvement and develop a plan to achieve their goals.

In summary, businesses choose to work with business consultants because of their expertise, efficiency, innovation, problem-solving skills, and objectivity. By engaging the services of a business consultant, businesses can benefit from their knowledge and experience, and achieve better results.

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  • 1. Serbia is a country with specific laws, which are a combination of communist heritage of Yugoslavia and aligning with law regulations of the EU countries with a view to prolong the process of joining the EU.
  • 2. Serbia is not an offshore jurisdiction, on the contrary it is a country with strict law implementation, especially in the field of business activities and with specific judicial practice in the area of obligation law,
  • 3. Tax laws are complex and require deep knowledge of the legal responsibility of the company's owners and legal representatives in order to avoid serious and long-term consequences for the aforementioned persons and the company itself, which may result in large fines and criminal liability for the aforementioned persons
  • 4. Accounting system of Serbia is based on the initernational accounting standards, but it has a lot of specific provisions which derive from legal foundations that date back to the communist period of Yugoslavia and imply a great legal responsibility for the owners and directors of the company.
  • 5. Criminal responsibility for responsible persons in the company is clearly defined and has no parallel in West European and other countries and must be taken as seriously as possible, which means that legal and financial support, as well as counseling are of key importance for normal business operations and avoiding major risks.
  • Financial practice and law are also unique, which leads to the existence of certain categories and obligations that practically don‘t exist in any other country and that can lead to unfathomable consequences for individuals and the company. There are numerous examples of mistakes made by foreigners and their companies that led to serious legal and financial consequences.
  • Serbia is a country in transition which leads to frequent and extensive changes in law and regulations related to business activities and foreign investments, which is why it is necessary to follow them in detail and apply them in business practice so as to avoid consequences.
  • 8. Tax consulting is a mandatory part of business in any country, and especially in Serbia, due not only to the specific and complex tax law and its application, but also to the large financial, inviting or negative consequences for an individual or company, especially in the domain of international business transactions due to the uniqueness of the foreign exchange law and tax obligations arising from international transactions in the domain of goods and services.
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