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Legal regulations for cryptocurrency activity are changing. The key word for Serbian market and banking system is flexibility. No matter if a client is considered to be a high-risk client because of his jurisdiction, structure or activities like cryptocurrency, Serbia has and is a solution

For Serbian citizens and all those tied to Serbian market, Xcalibra is a very important step towards a new global currency. The reason is that cryptocurrencies can be traded now in RSD via the above mentioned digital platform. Regarding this, Xcalibra presentation was recently held in Belgrade where we found out that people from all over the world (the top three locations are the USA, England and Australia) have already registered. Cryptocurrency can be bought through the exchange points while buyers and sellers will be directly connected. The increasing popularity of bitcoin, as well as its growing exchange rate, have caused large companies to start this trend on Serbian market too

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For Serbia and its people who want to go beyond limitations, this is a great support. Not only for trading but for the fact that till now any good feedback was lost somewhere between politics and economy, but this time the news and support went past the tedious rule.

Not only for trading, but also due to the fact that until recently any good feedback was lost somewhere between politics and economy; this time the news and support went past the demanding rule. We are constantly trying to inform our clients and to provide services right on time.

We follow the changes not only on Serbian market, so we provide our services in accordance with those changes. Things are getting exciting for us because the benefits of Serbian market are more certain at this moment. We have formed a special team that is constantly working on the implementation of any legal change related to virtual currencies. Therefore, we have provided our clients with security and full information needed for better operating on Serbian market.

One of the most interesting facts, which you will find out about the WTS team is that we are always searching for the next best thing

    Should I VISIT SERBIA in order to form a company?

    You can finish the company set-up procedure by issuing a special power of attorney certified by a notary (with or without the apostille depending on the country), so we can carry out all the procedures without your presence

    What are the ANNUAL MAINTENANCE FEES for a company?

    Along with all fixed government taxes, accounting and rental fees, secretarial services costs are starting from 300 EUR/month. That can vary depending on office location, amount of work of the company etc.

    What is the minimum number of COMPANY DIRECTORS?


    Can a NON-RESIDENT be the DIRECTOR of Serbian company?


    Can a NON-RESIDENT physical person be the sole SHAREHOLDER of the company?


    Is it possible to HIRE A NON-RESIDENT?

    No, in case if he plans to work in Serbia. You can always make a consulting contract.

    How many NEW WORKERS, non-residents, who want to obtain active residence permit can be employed in a company?

    No restriction.


    Yes. Nominee and fiduciary services are provided by local attorneys who will act as nominees and be custodians of the agreement which will protect the rights of true owners. We maintain good relationships with the biggest Serbian banks. Account opening is subject to bank approval.

    Can you help with BANK ACCOUNT opening?

    Yes. We maintain good relationship with biggest Serbian banks. Account opening is subject to bank approval.