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Family Office services

Family office services are design to fulfil all essential needs that clients have in Serbia. These services imply to operational, administrative, consulting and legal services. Family office is a must have tool which helps clients to concentrate on the business itself and to leave all time-consuming activities (day to day communication with banks, tax authorities, accountant etc.) to professionals with vast experience and connections in this area.

Please note that legal and consulting services are done by professionals with more than 50 years of international banking and managing experience in Switzerland, Andorra, Russia and Serbia.

Basic package:

#Suitable for low active companies

Medium package:

#Suitable for medium active companies and also for clients with occasional need for consulting or legal services and medium correspondence with the banks

Premium package:

#Suitable for very active. Being that time is of the essence for all very active clients, Premium family office package provide clients with coverage of all secondary time-consuming activities allowing clients to focus their time on generating new business. Worldwide business and tax optimisation are provided by senior managing staff and partners. Consulting regarding asset management for our other two centres in Andorra and Switzerland is included.

Optional services:

All above mention services are also available separately and can be charged by the hour, legal and consulting services are charged per hour.

Nominee services available.

Asset and wealth management, business and tax optimisation, legal consulting as agreed on the case by case basis, depending on the business and intentions of the clients.

Usual monthly costs of maintenance of Serbian entity are from 100 euro (50 for registered address, and from 50 for accounting for low active clients)

“Never in my life I have experienced prompt service of this kind. Company and account in 15 days. And remotely!”

52-year-old Chinese businessman, owner of marketing companies operating in EU and non-EU jurisdictions