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In the last couple of years, there has been a large increase in the number of foreigners applying for a residence permit in Serbia. This growing trend can be attributed to Serbia's emerging status as a desirable business destination and an attractive place to live. With its strategic position, favorable taxation system, affordable cost of living, growing economy, and flexible banking system, Serbia has captured the attention of individuals seeking new opportunities and a high quality of life.

Serbia's strategic position, located between the East and the West, serves as a key advantage for those looking to establish a business or expand their operations. The country acts as a bridge between Western and Eastern Europe, offering access to a vast market. More and more foreign investors recognize the potential for growth and development in Serbia, leading them to choose it as a base for their business.

Three main ways to obtain temporary residence in Serbia are:

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Foreign citizen can apply for Serbian residency:


Serbian residency by company formation

Serbian residency by branch formation

Serbian residency by investment

Serbian residency for Students



1) Residency by company formation


One of the primary ways to obtain temporary residence in Serbia is through company formation. By establishing a company in Serbia, foreigners can legally reside in the country while actively participating in their business activities.


Key benefits:


  1. Serbia has one the lowest corporate tax rate in Europe at only 15%
  2. No double taxation in Serbia. More than 65 avoidance of double taxation agreements.
  3. Competitive operating costs.
  4. Serbia has free trade and custom free agreements with the EU, Russia, Turkey and will have one with China in the near future.



2) Residency by real estate investment


Another easy and stable way of obtaining residence in Serbia is through real estate purchase. Foreigners who invest in Serbian real estate have the option to obtain temporary residence permits, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of living in Serbia without large investment requirements. The real estate market in Serbia offers a range of opportunities at reasonable prices making it an attractive prospect for individuals seeking a stable investment and a place to call home.


Key benefits:


  1. No wealth tax
  2. Property tax rate as low as 0,2-0,4%
  3. Minimum investment amount is not imposed by Law
  4. Minimum average price in Belgrade is EUR 80.000,00 and EUR 50.000,00 in other cities
  5. No strict stay-requirement




3) Residency by business investment


Furthermore, Serbia welcomes foreign investors through its Serbian residency by investment program. By depositing EUR 50,000 on a personal bank account in Serbia and investing EUR 5,000 in an existing Serbian company, individuals can obtain a temporary residence permit. This approach not only grants individuals the right to reside in Serbia but also allows them to contribute to the country’s economic growth and development.


Key benefits:


  1. Obligatory deposit of EUR 50.000,00
  2. Investment amount of only EUR 5.000,00
  3. Growing IT industry
  4. Flexible banking system, supporting commercial operations
  5. Easiest way to form a legal basis without burdens or long-term obligations


It is worth noting that the process of obtaining temporary residence in Serbia may involve specific requirements and documentation. These may include proof of financial stability, medical insurance, a valid passport and long-term rent agreement, among others. It is necessary for individuals interested in obtaining temporary residence in Serbia to seek professional legal assistance to ensure a successful application process.