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Residence permit by real estate investment

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Permanent Residency Through Real Estate


One of the best and easiest ways to obtain a residence permit in Serbia is real estate investment.


One of the advantages of investing in real estate in Serbia is the fact that there is no minimum amount required, so you can buy any property and still apply for residency.


However, there are certain conditions that foreigners have to meet in order to purchase real estate in Serbia. The reciprocity principle is the general rule that governs property and property rights acquisition in Serbia.


Although the procedure seems very simple, there can be various complications and hidden pitfalls when buying a property in Serbia, so it is very important that you have full support throughout the process.


Our service for assistance with the residence permit process through the purchase of real estate includes as follows:


  1. Purchasing a Property


  • Checking the legal clearance of the selected property and checking with the competent registry,
  • Legal assistance in the process of drawing up a sales contract,
  • Legal assistance in the process of special contracts certification and applications with a competent notary,
  • Assistance with the payment process according to local legislation and arrangements,
  • Correspondence with realtors and the seller,
  • Support for tax payment to the local tax office,
  • Support in registering property with the competent registry,
  • Registration with the tax office,


  1. Personal Account in Serbia


  • Banks advise you to open personal accounts in person and we can arrange for you to visit us for 1-2 working days in order to settle all matters on the spot (if necessary we can discuss the option of submitting documents for opening by power of attorney),
  • Foreign currency accounts can be opened and the vast majority of banks can order Master/Visa cards with support for internet payments,
  • Internet banking can be used to monitor funds in the account, but bank (wire) orders can only be given in person or by power of attorney, but in any case at the bank (currency control regulations for personal accounts of non-residents).


  1. Permanent Residency


  • Assistance and compliance with the process of sending funds to accounts in Serbia required for proof of economic sustainability (€1,500 required),
  • Assistance in registering the applicant’s registered office at the police station,
  • Preparation of the documents required to obtain a visa,
  • Engaging a certified and authorised lawyer in the residence permit procedure before the Department for Foreigners of the Ministry of the Interior,
  • Interpretation by a certified court interpreter in front of the Department for Foreigners of the Ministry of the Interior (interview),
  • The applicant’s CV translation.


You can find out how the whole process looks like in the eyes of our clients from their interviews:

Serbian Residency by real estate purchase for a Russian family of three – Case study





    Frequently asked questions

    Can foreign citizens purchase real estate in Serbia?

    It depends on the jurisdiction the client comes from. There needs to be a signed de facto reciprocity agreement between Serbia and the country of origin in order for the client to have the right to acquire real estate in Serbia.

    How can I check if I have right to acquire real estate in Serbia?

    You can read our blog post on this matter:

    If my country doesn‘t have a signed de facto reciprocity agreement, how can I acquire real estate in Serbia?

    There is a possibility of buying real estate by a legal entity that can be established by any foreign citizen.

    Is there a minimum amount of investment in Real estate in order to obtain residency?

    There is no official minimum amount, but we do not recommend less than 20.000EUR

    How long do I have to reside in Serbia in order to extend residence in Serbia?

    The official minimum stay for the extension of residence is 183 days, but in case you have justifed reasons of absence it can be less than 183 days.

    Is it necessary to stay in Serbia for several months continuously in order to obtain an extension of residence?

    No, it is not necessary to stay continuously in order to obtain the condition for the extension of the residence.

    Can the whole family apply for a Serbian residence permit?

    Yes. One of the options is for the family members to be co-owners of the house and apply for residence permit on this basis. The second options is that, after one of the family members becomes a resident, other family members apply for residence by family reunification.

    Is it possible to purchase real estate before my first visit to Serbia?

    Yes. We can purchase the real estate in your name through specialized Power of Attorney.

    What taxes do I need to buy when purchasing real estate?

    2,5 % tax on the transfer of absolute rights.

    What other taxes will I pay?

    Tax on property is 0,4-0,6% depending on the property value.