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Residence permit by real estate investment

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6 Key points of Serbian residency:

  • in 1 Package (Company, bank account, residency)
  • CRS protection
  • 45 days is all it takes
  • Invest in future
  • Easy banking
  • No requirement to speak Serbian language
  • Residence permit by investment

  • Invest without any restrictions Client should invest in real estate ( flat, house, country-house ) in order to obtain residence permit. Prices are as low as 10.000 EUR.
  • No minimum amount The price of the real estate in wich a client invests in not limited in any way and there is no minimum amount of Investment.

    • Frequently asked questions

      Is there a minimum investment in real estate to obtain a residence in Serbia?

      No, there is no limit regarding residency investment.

      How long does the process of obtaining a residence take?

      Depending on the basis on which it is applied, it can take two to three months, including the formation of a legal entity or the purchase of real estate.

      Is it necessary to stay in Serbia for several months continuously in order to obtain an extension of residence?

      No, it is not necessary to stay continuously in order to obtain the condition for the extension of the residence.

      Can the whole family apply for a Serbian residency permit?

      Yes, after one of the parents gets a residence permit, the rest of the family can apply for a residence permit based on family reunification.

      How can citizens from Iraq, India, Cambodia, Nigeria and other countries who do not have the right to acquire real estate in Serbia apply for a residence permit through real estate?

      There is a possibility of buying real estate by a legal entity that can be established by any foreign citizen.

      Can Chinese citizens buy real estate in Serbia?

      Yes, it is possible.

      Can Iranian citizens apply for a stay based on the purchase of real estate?

      Yes, it is possible.