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6 Key points of Serbian residency:

  • 3 in 1 Package (Company, bank account, residency)
  • CRS protection
  • 45 days is all it takes
  • Invest in future
  • Easy banking
  • No requirement to speak Serbian language
  • Residency permit by company formation By forming a company, you do not need to invest in Serbia in order to get a residence permit. It is allowed to form a company with yourself as the only employee. Client signs the working contract with his company, which proves that the source oh his livelihood is in Serbia.
  • Practical ''No stay'' requirement To get the first Serbian residence, you do not have any obligation to stay in Serbia for the duration of the residence process. All you need is to come to Serbia 2 times and within 30 days you will get a Serbian residence in a very easy and simple way.
  • Who are the residents of Serbia Residents of Serbia are persons who: – Resides or have business and personal interests in the territory of Serbia – Who are spending, ina a single strech or in intervals, the total of at least 183 or more days in a 12 month period in one fiscal year
  • Tax residency and CRS Client can become a tax resident of Serbia one year after first approval of the Serbian residency. Client will receive the tax residency with the Hague Apostille and translation to the preferred language. If you become a resident of Serbia, you will be fully protected from any kind of data exchange.
  • Procedure To be granted with Serbian residency, an applicant is required to run a Serbian company, or an offshore company branch in Serbia. Also, if you are more comfortable, you can also get a residence by setting up an endowment where you will be appointed as a director or through the establishment of an association. For every process you decide, you can certainly count on our help every step of the way. The annual company related fees start at EUR 1,500, including registered office, book-keeping, VAT and tax statements, and auditing. To obtain and secure Serbian residency, an applicant must further retain a Serbian address. For an annual all-in rental fee of EUR 2,000, an apartment located in Belgrade is provided and managed upon request. After residency is granted to main applicant, application procedures for the immediate family members commence, taking an additional 45 working days for them to receive Serbian residency.
  • Permanent residency can be obtained in 5 year After holding residency for at least 5 years, permanent residency can be obtained.
  • Two arrivals are all it take Two visits in Serbia required; first to pick up “White Card” and to file application, second to pick up residency permit in 30 to 35 working days.
  • Document Samples – White Card
  • Very favourable company and personal tax systems
  • Working license To obtain a work permit in the Republic of Serbia, you only need to provide us with: – Residence permit – Diploma copy (original version, and second version translated into Serbian: notarized and apostilled by a notary) – Certificate from Serbian Business Registration Agency – Curriculum vitae: (translated in English)
  • Travel Visa-free to Serbia
  • Best education that is recognized in the large number of the countries in the world. Of the many schools we could distinguish: – British International School – Chartwell International School – Russian School – The International School of Belgrade – ISB – Prima International School of Belgrade, and many others
  • Medical system Serbia can boast equally good both for state and private medical systems. Health insurance can cost you only € 100 a month, and through it you can be sure that in each situation you have at your disposal a team of experts who completed their education abroad, who are winners of various international awards for scientific and clinical work. Of the many medical institutions we can best distinguish: – Clinical Center of Serbia – Military Medical Academy, and many others
  • Schools There are a large number of international schools in Serbia (elementary, secondary schools), so if you decide that Serbia is your destination, you can expect the family to have the best education that is recognized in the large number of the countries in the world. Of the many schools we could distinguish: – British International School – Chartwell International School – Russian School – The International School of Belgrade – ISB – Prima International School of Belgrade, and many others


      Frequently asked questions

      How long does it take to get residence permit?

      14 days, but the applicant must be present for the first three days to register an address, to apply for residency and to have an interview. After that he/she must come for one more day to get the residency visa.

      Do I need to rent apartment before I get residence permit?

      No. We can provide you with a temporary address for a monthly fee, until you get residence permit, then you can choose to rent an house/flat/apartment or to use our address for residency purposes for a yearly fee.

      What is the price for renting an apartment in Serbia?

      Prices start from 200 EUR per month. We can search for one if you want. Please see our charges and fees.

      Can I bring my family to Serbia? What are the age limits for family reunification?

      Yes. We can arrange this for you. You can bring minor children as family gathering and/or for school reasons. For your parents the best solution is to by the real estate as legal ground for residence.

      Do I need medical and pensions insurance in order to get residence permit?

      Yes, medical insurance is necessary. Foreign medical insurance is acceptable in Serbia. Pension insurance is not necessary.

      Does my family need medical insurance in case I want to bring them to Serbia?

      Yes, medical insurance is necessary for family members.

      How many times do I need to VISIT SERBIA in order to maintain my residence permit?

      You need to come only once a year for 3-4 days to apply for or renew the temporary residence.

      What if a person is denied for the extension of residency status? Is it possible to re-apply?

      It is possible to re-apply.

      Do I become a tax resident of Serbia if I am a temporary or permanent resident?

      You are considered a tax resident. Serbian Tax Administration issues certificates of tax residency in regards to Agreements on Double Taxation Avoidance with respective countries. Serbia has concluded the mentioned agreements with almost all European countries. If you prefer to be a tax resident elsewhere just bring tax residency confirmation from another country.

      What are my obligations as tax resident?

      To submit tax declaration up to 31th of March in the year, following the calendar year in which you have been tax resident. We can help you to do it properly. Do not hesitate to contact us.

      Can I get resident status if my criminal records are not clear?

      It is possible, however Serbia is an Interpol member and has extradition agreements with all European states.

      Can I get Serbian driving license?

      If you are coming from EU and European countries your international driving license (known as “green card”) is recognized. In other case, you should pass practical driving exam and you will have to pass theory exam in Serbian as well.

      Is it possible to apply for a residence permit through an extramarital union with a Serbian citizen?

      Yes, it is possible.

      Is it possible to apply for a residence permit with a Visa C?

      No, it is not possible. It is required to apply with Visa D.

      Can we send an invitation letter to obtain a Visa D?

      Yes, we also provide this service to our clients.