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At the moment, thanks to the current Serbian law and the attitude of banks, the Serbian Association has no match on the world market. Serbian association represents a unique business vehicle where founders are not treated as UBOs(Ultimate Beneficial Owners). This structure represents a superior form of the traditional Lichtenstein Foundation. In the age of transparency, the Serbian Association offers the highest level of privacy.

Serbian association is fully supported by the local banks, in compliance with the positive local and international laws, imposed on the banking sector, with the usage of full-scale banking services. The banks treat the managing director of the association as an UBO, without any requests for information and KYC of founders. The status of the association is equal to the status of any typical local company.

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Our Services include:

  • Being a long-term partner in the management of your wealth;
  • Setting up and managing wealth structures in partnership with you and your family;
  • Selection of the correct form of an entity, trust, and/or foundation;
  • Acting as trustees of trusts, foundation council members or directors of establishments and other companies safeguarding a variety of assets;
  • Acting as a company nominee shareholder;
  • Fiduciary management;
  • Fiduciary safety;
  • Why Set up an Endowment or a Foundation in Serbia?

    Serbia is one of the few countries in Europe allowing the formation of endowments or foundations solely for private purposes.

    Such private foundation under Serbian law enables families and entrepreneurs to structure their wealth with a long-term perspective and under a beneficial tax scheme.


    We have extensive experience in advising private clients in terms of their legal wealth structure, the establishment of private foundations or trusts, or assistance with maintaining family offices.

    Fiduciary and Trust Services (Switzerland and Andora) in Partnership With Swiss International Partners, Switzerland. Our Swiss and Andora fiduciary and trust services will help you protect your wealth against economic, political or other unpredictabilities and transfer it in a tax-efficient way and in accordance with your requirements.


    Fiduciary and trustee services (Switzerland and Andora)
    In partnership with Swiss International Partners, Switzerland

    Our Swiss and Andora fiduciary and trustee services will help you to protect your wealth against economic, political or other unpredictability and transfer it according to your requirements, in a tax-efficient way.

    Our flexible and tailor-made fiduciary solutions will help you reach your specific financial objectives and maintain the confidentiality and privacy of your business and family interests.