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Welcome „BACK“ to Serbia

If you are a foreign citizen with Serbian origins and you want to return to your homeland, you are in the right place!


Our company is oriented towards providing full service and legal, financial, organizational, administrative support for all those who want to return to Serbia. Everyone who decides on working with our company will get everything that is necessary when moving and solving all legal and administrative problems, including looking for the adequate real estate, legal assistance, assistance in opening bank accounts and overall communication with the banks, as well as competent assistance in all the questions related to living in Serbia. We know how difficult it is to move from one country to another, as we have great experience  in this matter with clients from many different countries. Our goal is forming long-term relationships with our clients so as to secure them with legal and administrative protection in Serbia.


In 2020, a large number of people returned to Serbia from abroad and many of them decided to stay in the country and continue their lives here. To this day, the number of people who want to return to Serbia has continued growing.


Who are these people?


1) Young people looking for employment


Many of our people who decided to continue living in Serbia are young people at the beginning of their professional careers.

Starting your business in Serbia implies fulfilling a series of legal actions in order to meet the conditions prescribed by law. In addition to assistance with obtaining temporary residency,  our team can provide you with all the necessary assistance in starting and running your business in Serbia.


2) Families


A large number of families decided to return to Serbia as well. This kind of change implies a whole series of steps and issues that must be resolved in order for the whole family to feel good in a new environment. From the place of living, medical insurance, children’s education, employment of parents.


3) Retired people


Among those who wanted to continue the rest of their lives in Serbia, retired people make a significant part. In search of a peaceful and safe life, many retirees have decided to buy real estate in Serbia and settle down here. In addition to assisting with the purchase of real estate and securing temporary residency in Serbia, our team also assists in providing life insurance for retired people.


Our company will be delighted to help you to return to Serbia!

    Frequently asked questions

    I was born in Serbia, but do not have Serbian citizenship, can I obtain temporary residency or apply for citizenship?

    Yes, you can obtain residency through company formation, real estate purchase or investment. You can apply for citizenship if you fulfill the necessary requirements.

    I was born in a foreign country but one of my parents is Serbian, can I apply for Serbian citizenship?

    Yes, it is possible. Contact us for more information.

    Can adults, whose parents, or one of the parents Serbia, apply for Serbian citizenship?

    Yes, if you apply by the age of 23.

    I have Serbian citizenship, but my family members are foreign citizens, can they apply for Serbian citizenship?

    Yes it is possible.

    My parents are Serbian citizens living in Serbia, but I don‘t have Serbian citizenship. Can I apply for citizenship through them?

    Yes, it is possible.

    Can I apply for temporary residency through real estate purchase even though I renounces Serbian citizenship?

    Yes, you can.

    Do I have to renounce my foreign citizenship if I obtain Serbian citizenship?

    That depends from country to country.

    I am a Serbian citizen who lived across the border for a long time and want to return to Serbia. Will I have some customs and tax incentives?

    Yes, you will.