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What to Do if You Cannot Open a Bank Account?

Buy a Ready-Made Company With an Existing Bank Account



Remote Registration Procedure



Opening a bank account and dealing with the compliance of banks have become the biggest challenges of internationalization.

The problem is that the policy of banks regarding opening accounts for companies with foreign managers and founders, as well as for individuals – foreigners, has changed.

Opening an account has become a real problem for those who are not residents, do not have a residence permit and are not even in the process of obtaining it.

Moreover, cases of closing previously opened accounts have become more frequent. Bank employees do not give any explanation.



What Is the Solution?



Several options will quickly solve the problem.



  1. Buy a ready-made company with an existing bank account;
  2. Obtain a residence permit. Apart from this, you can apply for a tax residence certificate.



What Is a Ready-Made Company?



This is essentially a company that is pre-registered with the Serbian Business Registers Agency (SBRA). The reason for this is that it was often faster to transfer pre-registered companies. Registering a new company would take weeks to complete. When purchasing a ready-made company allowed people to transfer ownership, they could resign nominee officers and then appoint new individuals.



Why Should You Choose a Ready-Made Company?



There are many advantages and reasons to buy a ready-made company.



  • Immediate Transactions



First of all, ready-made companies are ready for immediate transactions. Every minute several thousand people want to start their businesses without much investment or thinking. This is when ready-made companies become very useful. You can kick start your trade and print your business card right away.



  • Quick Contracts



Second, ready-made companies will give you the freedom to sign contracts without any second thoughts. You can pop into any kind of tender or contract immediately. You will not be forced to wait 15 days to register and several weeks before you make your first business. Sign agreements and contracts today with ready-made companies.



  • VAT Registration Included



A ready-made company can already be registered for VAT provided that it has traded at some stage in their past.



  • Bank Accounts



We offer free business bank accounts to anyone who purchases a ready-made company from us.



  • Well-Planned Businesses



All required documents are complete and prepared for ready-made companies. Ready-made companies come with all statutory documents.



  • Free Registered Address



These ready-made companies also come with a 3-month free registered address.



How Can I Order a Ready-Made Company?



Due to the fact that our stock of available companies changes by the hour, please contact us for the most up-to-date list.You can call us or send us an email, and we will be happy to email you our current selection.



Buy a ready-made company for ONLY EUR 4,900 including bank account, VAT number, registered office service and all taxes.

SPECIAL: Remote registration procedure Additional Related Services:



  • Nominee Director Services from EUR 299/per month
  • Accounting services from EUR 50/per month
  • Registered office (prestigious business address) from EUR 50/per month


WTS incorporation expert will guide you through the entire process!



Obtain a Residence Permit in Serbia



Obtaining a residence permit is important because the status of legal stay in the country not only facilitates interaction with banks but also gives other advantages. Besides, you can apply for tax residency in Serbia, get a tax resident certificate and pay taxes only here.



WTS will help with the preparation of all necessary documents and provide the necessary legal support in processing any status of stay in Serbia if there are legal grounds for obtaining it.



Please contact us for more information.

Email: sm@welcometoserbia.org , Mob: +381 60 1849 443 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram)

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