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Why Become a Resident of Serbia?

When people say „Serbia“, the first thing that comes to mind is an affordable lifestyle, excellent food, and the city that never sleeps – Belgrade.


Over the years, Serbia, a country located at the crossroads between East and West, has conquered the hearts of many visitors with its natural beauty and ethnic cuisine. Apart from enticing financial advantages, Serbia also offers a wide array of new laws, which can serve to facilitate personal and professional development for foreigners.



What does the term „Resident of Serbia“ imply?



  • It refers to a person living in the Republic of Serbia
  • And who, in addition, has a personal or professional interest in the country



The right to reside in Serbia can be realized in several ways:


  • by starting a company or opening a branch of a company
  • through the purchase of real estate in Serbia
  • by investing in existing firms





What incentives are there for obtaining residency in Serbia? Apart from all the aforementioned benefits, Serbia allows you to live a freer life in light of less restrictive Covid-19 measures, including more freedom of movement and relatively unrestricted access to bars and restaurants. Despite the current situation in the world, our country allows its citizens to live a relatively normal life, with the same high standard of hospitality as always. However, we will endeavour to make your stay even more enjoyable by helping you obtain a residence permit or passport – if applicable.



In the year before the pandemic, around 11 thousand foreigners settled in our country. In light of the circumstances, these numbers have increased significantly through 2020. According to the United Nations Development Programme, Belgrade was ranked seventh city in Europe for digital nomads by the Nomad List website. The BBC has found that many Westerners claimed to have made the decision to move to Serbia’s capital almost overnight, but that the results were much better than expected – with a relaxed atmosphere and very affordable lifestyle. Here, you will find the ideal grounds for an IT start-up, as well for any freelance career, as confirmed by the testimonials of the many foreigners who have spent some time in Belgrade.





Yet another advantage of living and working in Serbia is the presence of a plethora of international banks, such as: Western Europe (Banca Intesa, Unicredit, Erste, Raiffeisen bank, Societe Generale), Russia (Sberbank, VTB, Expobank), Turkey (Halkbank), UAE (Mirabank), China (Bank of China).



What is particularly attractive is that Serbia does not have CRS reporting, meaning that this is one of the few places where privacy still exists. In addition, other benefits include a personal tax of only 15%, political neutrality (considering that Serbia is one of the few countries that has not imposed sanctions on Russia), and a number of reputable universities which have close collaboration with other international faculties.



Information first – decisions later.



If you do not hold Serbian nationality, but would like to live in Serbia, the above tips can serve as a good preliminary base to consider the possibility of moving to Serbia. However, you must keep in mind that the issue is more complex than it may seem at first and that there are parameters that vary on a case-by-case basis. The above-mentioned should therefore not be treated as legal advice.

In any case, our company is available to assist all potential clients in the process of applying for a residency permit in Serbia.

Please contact us for more information:

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