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You want to start business in Serbia? These are company formation trends for 2019

Serbian company formation was more popular in first half-year 2019  than anytime since 2010. The increasing number of incorporations, together with a recent decrease in the number of company dissolutions shows a positive trend altogether.

Most companies formed in 9 years

More than 5,468 companies were incorporated in first half-year 2019 in Serbia, which is the highest number of company formations since first half-year 2010, when more than 5,500 companies were formed in Serbia. In between, the number was usually between 2,000 and 2,300 quarterly. The current figure is in fact the result of a slow but steady increase since a drop in 2015, when  8,180 companies were established.


 In fisrt half-year 2019, the number of company liquidations has decreased with 6% compared to fisrt half-year 2018, and the smaller fluctuation reflects a greater economic stability.

Company formation in Europe

Serbia still offers very favorable conditions for company formation as compared to other Europian countries. Corporate tax is only 15%, which is still among the lowest in the Europe.

Over the past 4 years Serbia took steps to further improve political and economic stability. In order to reverse the Serbia`s trend of economic growth driven by import and consumption, and put the country on a dynamic and sustainable growth path, led by investments and exports, it was necessary to carry out economic reforms consisting of macroeconomic stabilization and improving the business climate.

The infrastructure in Serbia (transportation, utilities, online banking, etc.) is as developed as in any Western-European country, while living costs are significantly lower, which makes company operation in Serbia really cost-effective.Company formation itself takes only a few workdays.

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