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Foreign citizen can apply for Serbian residency:

By company formation

By branch formation

By investment

Residence Permit for Students



Besides outstanding locations, thriving real estate market, Serbia can offer great solutions regarding residency. The quality of life is favorable and
more than satisfactory with a highly qualified labor force, low cost of living and low operating costs.

As a country in development it is open to all investors and business on an international level, and it is very common for clients to seek
opportunities for business investment.


Taxes contribute to the development and prosperity of small and medium businesses.
Also, Serbia has unilateral foreign tax relief policy by granting tax credit and double tax avoidance treaties agreements with more than 60

Historical ties of Serbia with different countries are clearly visible even today – holders of the Serbian passport have visa free or visa on arrival
access to 131 countries. The Serbian passport is one of 5 passports with the greatest improvement.


Since 2014, Serbia has been negotiating its EU accession with the perspective of joining the EU by 2025.
This will be excellent opportunity to travel and work Visa free inside EU.
One important moment is that Serbia did not sign CRS and it means that this is one of the few places where privacy still exists.


Association Welcome to Serbia is your future partner, because we are not only interested in short term but long-distance cooperation but full


If you are looking for a country and people that would quickly accept you and welcome you whoever you are and wherever you are coming from,
then it is definitely Serbia!