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10 compelling reasons why you should start a startup company in Serbia

Serbia stands out as an exceptionally cost-effective and accessible destination for establishing and operating a company, with the Serbian Government’s unwavering commitment to nurturing entrepreneurship. In essence, substantial resources are allocated to support budding entrepreneurs, even in the face of setbacks, as they endeavor to self-finance their startups.


Whether you plan to launch a business in Serbia or any other location, the decision hinges on a multitude of factors that align with your business objectives, available resources, and market opportunities.


Here are 10 compelling reasons why you should start a startup company in Serbia:


1. Cost-Efficiency:

Serbia presents a highly cost-efficient business environment, particularly when compared to many Western European counterparts. Lower operational costs for office spaces, salaries, and various expenses are particularly appealing for startups aiming to maximize their initial investments


2. Skilled Workforce:

Serbia boasts a well-educated and proficient workforce, particularly in domains such as IT, engineering, and the sciences. This provides a distinct advantage for tech startups or those demanding specialized technical skills.


3. Strategic Location and Connectivity:

Serbia’s strategic geographical location offers convenient access to both Western and Eastern European markets, making it an ideal base for businesses with aspirations for regional expansion.


4. Government Support:

The Serbian Government has been proactively working to enhance the business environment and attract foreign investments. They extend a helping hand to startups through incentives and support mechanisms, including tax benefits and grants.

• A mere 3% corporate income tax (CIT) is levied on revenues generated from intellectual property developed within Serbia.
• Research and development (R&D) expenses are eligible for double deduction.
• Tax Credits for Investments in Startup Enterprises.
• Founders are exempt from income tax


5. Emerging Tech Hub:

Serbia’s technology sector has been growing, fostering a vibrant IT community and a surge in tech startups. Belgrade, the capital city, has earned recognition as a thriving tech hub, hosting a multitude of tech events, conferences, and networking gatherings.


6. Access to EU Markets:

Although not an EU member, Serbia has established a Stabilization and Association Agreement with the European Union, granting companies based there favorable trade relations and access to EU markets.


7. Cultural Diversity:

Serbia’s rich cultural diversity provides a strategic advantage to businesses aiming to create products or services tailored to diverse markets. The multicultural environment offers invaluable insights into varying consumer preferences.


8. Flourishing Startup Ecosystem:

Serbia has been developing a supportive startup ecosystem with incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces, and networking events. This nurturing environment facilitates connections, learning, and business growth for aspiring entrepreneurs.


9. Untapped Market Potential:

Depending on your industry, there may be untapped or underserved markets within Serbia or neighboring countries ripe for early entry and capture.


10. Quality of Life:

Serbia offers a high quality of life, including an appealing cost of living, making it an enticing prospect for both entrepreneurs and employees. A balanced work-life dynamic can substantially enhance productivity and job satisfaction.



Nevertheless, before embarking on your startup venture in Serbia, conducting comprehensive research and due diligence is crucial. Consider the legal and regulatory requirements, market demand for your product or service, competition, potential challenges, and more. Every location has its unique advantages and challenges, so aligning these factors with your business goals is essential for achieving success.


For more information on launching a startup in Serbia, we invite you to contact Welcome to Serbia.”

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