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There is always a plan B

Scientists claim that the biggest problem is the lack of control and uncertainty that we have faced
in the past period.
It is for this reason that the question arises – what to do if all our plans have failed (and by this we
mean business plans, too)?
After everything that happened to us, we couldn’t help but wonder, what should we do next? Which road should we take? What will happen to all of our almost failed plans?

The answer is very simple – we make new ones.

It sounds too easy, but don’t worry, we are not telling you that this is enough.

You will understand us best if we demonstrate it by personal example.
After many years of cooperation with foreign clients, the “Welcome to Serbia” association had the opportunity to get to know Serbia from a different angle, that is, a foreigner’s perspective.
We have always tried our hardest to highlight all the positive aspects of our country and we have
really succeeded in that. With no false modesty, our clients always pointed out at the “farewell” that they got even more than expected.
We are aware that they did not think only of our team but of Serbia as a whole.
A small country with a soul. Everything is at your fingertips; everyone knows each other and
everything seems to be simple. It might be up to our mentality, way of our life itself, or even a combination of both.
The best way to meet someone from Serbia is to be a guest in their home.

That is when you will understand why you will never be hungry in Serbia. That’s true, you won’t be hungry because you can produce food yourself, you can hire someone to do it for you, or you can buy a property supplied for a longer period.

Since Serbia is very suitable for living, below you can find some reasons to consider living in
Serbia (as another option):
Even though there is no recipe for “life in the time of coronavirus” or “after coronavirus”, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that there is always a plan B.
If you need a new beginning, a new place for your future, think twice about Serbia.
After all, there is always another option, another chance or a well-known plan B that will one way or another lead you to your goal. There is even a saying that the most successful people are those
who always have a plan B.
But do you know what is the only thing better than the goal itself? It’s planning it, and we will be

there beside you, to make your plans together.

Stay tuned…


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