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Banking solutions everyone needs!

Financial and banking markets of Europe have undergone some drastic changes in the last 10 years.  Traditional safe and private banking is practically extinct.

Bank just closed your account? You cannot move or use your own money?

Like many others you are now in search of a banking solution that can offer not only safety of funds and range of modern banking services, but also a solution for worldwide trend of data exchange.

One of most interesting jurisdictions now is Serbia. Still relatively unknown but quite stable country, with long banking tradition and possibilities for business development.

If you decide on Serbia as a new parking lot for your assets, Association Welcome to Serbia will help you settle and develop your business.

You can just relax and follow our lead.

Serbia as a country in development is very open to all investors and business on an international level, so after moving money to Serbia, it is very common for clients to seek opportunities for business development in this part of the world.

By providing expert knowledge, support and Family Office service along with other forms of support, Welcome to Serbia team can help you every step of the way.

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