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Regardless of all the knowledge about the importance of teamwork, about the fact that it is reflected in the success and quality of business, in modern companies, unfortunately, there were never less time dedicated to build a team spirit as nowadays.

Our team understands the importance of this concept and for that reason decided to give itself a day of joint discovery of a completely new atmosphere away from usual working environment. We dedicated one special day to the beauty of Eastern Serbia

The 1.30h trip from Belgrade to the East brings us to the Danube river which also makes the border between Serbia and Romania. Wide as the sea, in its full force, silver, silent and powerful – the Danube, remains same, just as in the time of Byzantium, the Turks and even the Neolithic times.


The Danube has always represented the power, trade road, strategic place of defence, and the source of life in this part of Europe.

It keeps on its way a certain evidence and feature from each historically important epoch.


Lonely Byzantine princess, Golubac fortress, has been defying centuries. Numerous conquerors tried to keep it but this beauty belonged only to the Danube. The truth about it’s master stays unveiled for we cannot understand the language of the river.



Hypnotized by the healing atmosphere around, we moved further to the nearest monastery named Tumane, situated only 12km from the Danube, surrounded by wood, in quiet environment interrupted only by magical bird song.


The monastery was built by Serbian knight Milos Obilic, in the 14th century just before the battle of Kosovo and was dedicated to St. Zosim who lived and died in the forest next to it. Very interesting legends are connected to this place but what is more important is the large number of miracles and healing that happens here.


After lunch in an excellent restaurant by the river, we continued our trip to important archaeological site from the Neolithic age – Lepenski Vir.


It represents an amazing archaeological discovery chronologically related to Mesolithic. What an amazing feeling is to be a guest in one of the oldest and most important habitat complexes of pre-history!


Here you can walk next to settlements with habitants, necropolises indicating special burial rituals, monumental sculptures and many more which keeps it in focus of national and international scientific communities.

It was a sunset when we left the museum and the river was still and quiet. As the sun went down the hill, we headed back to Belgrade. One more photo of a silent giant, no words, only the feeling of calmness. We were so grateful for all we saw that day and yet,


we all asked the same question: Is it possible to leave the world of good connection and comfort and replace it with quiet life deep in the nature? It seams we cannot succeed, but maybe it is just an illusion which comes from artificial environment … what if we can discover our perseverance and readiness only when the wild nature does not except compromises, where it is untouched and strong just like in the time of our ancestors.

About one thing I’m 100% sure, our team has become even more connected thanks to this experience and will continue to build its collective spirit in the name of human’s most important purpose.







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