Eco-village in Serbia - New trend on the real estate market

Eco-village in Serbia – New trend on the real estate market

Climate change and the rising pollution in big cities, together with the energy crisis, have imposed new standards when choosing a place to live. Even though planned communities existed in nature before, the possibility of working remotely has greatly influenced their popularity. Thus, real estate in Serbia outside the big cities have become the most sought-after not only for living, but for investing into, as well. Many celebrities are increasingly deciding to relocate to quieter ares, and Novak Đoković has joined this trend, having built a villa next to the lake itself in the Srem district. Can you picture living in a natural and eco-conscious setting, far away from the city crowd and stress?


What exactly are eco-villages, and why are they so well-liked?


For more than two and a half years, the trend of rising demand for real estate outside of big cities has been present. At the very beginning of the implementation of quarantine in 2020, numerous citizens decided to replace the four walls and daily stress with a more meaningful and conscious life. This aspiration was additionally supported by daily air pollution, traffic jams and unhealthy diet. However, houses in weekend getaway settlements are generally very demanding in terms of renovation and maintenance, thus, the so-called “eco-villages” have grown in popularity on the real estate market. There are various locations in Serbia where such real estate is now being built or planned, as well as in the wider Belgrade area. Some of the locations include mountains, such as Avala, Fruška gora, Zlatibor and Kosmaj; near the city Aranđelovac, in Vrnjačka banja, on the shores of Srebrno jezero, and in the municipality Sopot.


Ecological urban construction entails building contemporary structures with the use of traditional materials, which are environmentally acceptable. In this manner, one receives a quality place to rest and live, as well as healthy food, clean air and undisturbed sleep. Nonetheless, there was a step further taken in the construction of eco-villages. These villages comprise whole communities which operate as separate entities and share community values. They are founded on the principles of renewable energy sources, eco-friendly construction and environmental preservation. Their usefulness stems from the strong relationship between the people and the nature, which fosters harmony in the environment.




What distinguishes eco-villages from the classic real estate in Serbia?


  • Living in harmony with nature brings the harmful effects a man has on the current living environment to a minimum.
  • Eco-friendly and recycled materials, as well as cutting-edge building systems, are used for the construction.
  • Due to the energy-efficient construction of the facilities, the minimum use of energy is ensured.
  • A high percentage of energy independence is provided with renewable energy sources.
  • Responsible water usage is made possible by specialized filtration systems, rainfall collection systems, and effective waste water management.
  • Regular disposal and recycling of waste are carried out.
  • Access to organic food that is easily available, fresh and relatively cheap in Serbian villages, is provided by cooperating with local farmers.
  • The eco-village use environmentally friendly modes of transportation such as electric cars and bicycles.
  • A complex of facilities with a variety of uses, including indoor and outdoor children playgrounds, conference rooms, spa & wellness centers, a mini-zoo, sports fields, coffee shops, restaurants, and bungalows, is planned to be constructed inside these villages.



What kind of houses are available and what is the price per square metre?


These types of properties in Serbia range in size up to 400 m² and are often in the A shape. The option of building an indoor or outdoor pool is available as a part of several different projects. While you can modify the interior to suit your needs, it is also possible for an architect to provide new preliminary design drawings just for you. For heating and cooling, the majority of the houses are equipped with heat pumps, and solar energy is used to generate the power. The plot ranges from 5 to 20 ares of green area, in addition to vast areas of shared land, woods, and the previously mentioned sporting and recreational facilities.

The eco-villages have a special benefit of having a maintenance service which is in charge of cleaning and upkeeping roads, plots, grassy areas and fences. This is essential if you do not want to take on these responsibilities or simply do not have time for them. Additionally, the security service is available on demand 24/7.



The following variables affect the price of the house in the eco-villages:


  • Plot locations in the eco-village
  • Plot size
  • Preliminary design of the house


Depending on the mentioned variables and the type of the village, the prices for a house on Kosmaj or Fruška Gora per square metre range from 1,500-1,600 euros up to 3,000 euros. A 54 square metre house with a yard and a parking place typically costs approximately 80,000 euros. According to the real estate agents, the house of 108 square metres with 10 ares of land would cost 130,000 euros, while the house of 130 square metres with 10 ares of land would cost 150,000 euros, i.e. 1,100-1,200 euros + VAT per square metre.


In the case of smaller-scale projects, the number of houses is around 11, while the larger-scale projects count up to 100 houses. Nevertheless, to ensure the peace of mind of its residents, the villages most commonly have just a few rows of houses or 3 to 4 buildings. In some cases, such as the eco-village on Zlatibor, the construction of 18 facilities is planned, with the option of extension afterwards. This village, located at 1,320-1,370 metres above sea level, is known for its beneficial climate and 360-degree sightseeing platforms. A special benefit is that you can reach the Zlatibor’s city centre in 15 minutes and enjoy the rich offer this mountain provides.


Even though the majority of eco-villages are still under construction process, the house sale is on-going. This type of real estate is quite well-liked in Serbia, particularly among foreigners. The reason for this lies in the following -purchasing a property in Serbia is a relatively straightforward method to acquire a residence permit. In addition to getting a house and a piece of land that you do not have to bother about maintaining, purchasing a house in one of these eco-villages also gives you access to a forest with walking trails, a shared recreation space, and a healthy environment. Apart from gaining a house to live in or go on vacations, you have the possibility of renting it, because tourists find this type of houses attractive.


Can you already picture yourself as the owner of one such real estate in Serbia, in this paradise? If the answer is affirmative, contact us to help you find an ideal house which suits your needs: or +381601849443 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram).

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