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Is there a stay requirement in Serbia?

The law does not impose a standard stay requirement . Renewal of the Residency may be denied only in case the confirmation for the absence are not provided.

Do I need to speak Serbian language in order to obtain residency?


Do I need Visa D to apply for residency?

Yes, visa D is one of the conditions for the application for residency.

What is the minimum investment needed to apply for residency?

This is not a standard residency programme, so there is no such limitation. Residency is being obtained on the bases of economic or personal interest of the applicant in Serbia, such as having business in Serbia(being an entrepereneur or director of a company), being an owner of real estate in Serbia, family reunion,emloyment agreement etc.

For which period is the temporary residency being approved?

The maximum period is one year, and this is the most frequent choice of the applicants.

Are there any jurisdictions that can not apply for Residency in Serbia?

No, qualified citizens of any recognized country can apply.

Do I need to have personal account with deposited funds, to apply for residency?

Yes, and minimum amount is EUR 1500. Right after the residency is obtained, you can lift the funds.

Do I need Serbian medical insurance to apply for residency, and what is the cost?

Yes, and the cheapest package starts from EUR 50 per year.

If I am not applying on the bases of the property do I need to rent an apartment or house in Serbia?

Yes, because this will be registered as your address in Serbia. Rent agreement is mandatory.

Can you help me with renting the apartment in Belgrade, and what are the minimum monthly price ?

We can help you with finding the perfect apartment. The price starts from EUR 200-250.

What is the form of issuance of the residency.(stamp or card)?

Residency permit will be stamped in your passport.

Do I need to be in Serbia when applying and obtaining residency?

Yes, but you do not have to stay in Serbia, untill the residency is approved, although you are legally permited to stay. You will have to be in Serbia in the moment of obtaining.

Can I apply for work permit?

Yes, and the process is closely connected to the process of obtaining residency.

Can I change the legal bases prior to renewing the Residency permit?


Can I get obtain driving license in Serbia?

Yes, you can, but you will need to pass the test on Serbian language.

Can you register a company and assist in bank account opening process, prior to my first visit in Serbia?

Yes, on the bases on certified PoA.

Is it possible to have two directors in one company, and to apply for residency permit for both of them?

It is recommended that the company has only one director who applies, but in case there is legitimate explanation two director are acceptable too.

Do the I need to register a company in Belgrade?


Does the company need to be operative?

Yes, in order to provide the application with legitimacy.

How many time can I renew my residency based on company formation?

As long as you are the diretor of the company

Does the company or entreperenur need to have its own address or the address from the rent agremeent can be used?

The same address can be used, but the place need to have adequate place for conducting.

Can the property be bought prior to my first visit in Serbia?

Yes on the baes of certified PoA.

Are there any restrictions on the jursditctions of the buyer?

If the reciprocity is not agreed or confirmed between Serbia and the jurisdictions of the buyer, property can be bought only thrugh a srebian legal entity.

Can I buy property outside the Belgrade and apply on that bases?

Yes you can buy anywhere in Serbia.

Can I move my family to Serbia?

Yes, you can on the base of family reunion, after obtaining your residency permit. There are schools and kindergardens for foreigners too in Serbia.

Does my kids and wife need to come, for residency permit application?

Yes, they need to be present during application, and for obtaining.

Will I become tax resident?

You will be threated as tax resident, if you spend more than 183 days per year in Serbia. Tax residency certificate may also be issued on request without staying in 183 days in Serbia.

How long does the process lasts?

30-35 days.

High Net Worth Individuals

¿Qué es la Asociación en Serbia?

Association is a non-profit organization with a status of a legal entity, that can be generate profits directly or through daughter structures.

What is the main benefit of registering the Association in Serbia?

This is an unique way of simultaneously protecting the beneficiary’s confidentiality and maintaining control over the structure.

What are the requirements regarding the legal identity and residency of the Founders?

Founders can be individuals or legal entities. At least one Founder must be a Serbian resident.

Is the information about Founders shown on the registry web site?


Can an offshore entity be a Founder qof the Association?


Can the Founders be “removed” from the structure?

Founders are a passive category from the very beginning. In the moment of forming they will become the first Members of the Association, but once they leave the structure as Members their names will remain in the statutory documents as the Founders, which doesn’t give them any control over the structure.

Is the Board of Directors mandatory body?


Do the Board of Directors members have to be residents?

No. At least one of them must be a Serbian resident.

Is the information about Board of Directors shown on the registry web site?



Does the President of the Association have to be a Serbian resident?

Is the information about Members shown on the registry web site?


What are the requirements regarding the legal identity and residency of the Members?

Members can be individuals or legal entities.

Which statutory document of Association is shown on the registry web site?

Only Statute of the Association, with basic and standard information. Founding Act and the first (or the latest) Minutes from the Assembly are not shown on the registry web site.

Does the Assembly of the Association has full control over the structure?

Yes. The Assembly decides on the membership changes and appointment of the President and Board Members.

Is every Member of the Assembly authorized to vote on the Assembly?

This is not mandatory. Association can have Members that do not have voting rights.


Does the change of Membership have to be registered in the registry?

Who is keeping the Book of Members?

The President of the Association is obliged to keep the Book of Members.

Does the Association need to register its non-profit statutory goals?

Yes, but those can be achieved by registering commercial activity or, for example, forming daughter structure.

Can the Association become an owner of share capital of foreign companies?



Can the Association become an owner of property in foreign countries?

Is the Association’s activity taxed at standard corporate tax rate?

No. Association can receive gifts, donation and other non-profit incoming payments at a special tax rate of 2.5%.

Can Association form its company in Serbia and conduct commercial activity through it?


Can Association conduct commercial activity directly?

Yes, after registering the activity in the registry.