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Free Trade Zones in Serbia – the Connection Between East and West

The main goal of every company is to maximize profit and its main challenge is to minimize expenses.



As operating expenses often significantly vary across regions, countries, even areas within a country, they can easily create competitive advantage in the market.


Carefully pre-planned low costs have always yielded good results, which brings us to the main question – where should you set your business and how should you use this price diversity across the globe wisely.


By all the parameters of business conveniences, Serbia takes place at the top of the list. Apart from being at the crossroad between East and West, and its good political relations with both Europe and all Asian countries, Serbia can be proud of its well-developed free trade zones.


There are 15 free trade zones currently active in the territory of Serbia and the import of goods from these zones increases year over year.


Within these zones, all kinds of business and industrial activities, including production, storing, packing, trading, banking and insurance, can be conducted.


A great advantage of the free zones in the territory of Serbia is that, apart from domestic ones, foreign companies can do business in these zones as well, while the earnings and income earned within a zone can be transferred to any country without previous approval and collection of taxes, customs and duties.



Doing business in these zones brings many benefits and significantly reduces expenses.



The main benefit is the facilitated taxation regime that includes exemption from VAT and customs for the import of raw and other materials, machinery, equipment and construction material intended for the production of export goods, while the import and export of the goods in a zone is unlimited. These VAT facilities also refer to the turnover of goods and services within one zone and between two free zones in Serbia, which additionally reduces expenses.


Furthermore, favourable conditions are also provided for the lease of all kinds of business facilities.



Apart from the benefits offered by doing business in free trade zones, there is a variety of benefits that Serbia itself offers:



  • Free trade agreements enabling duty-free export to the markets of CEFTA, EFTA, Russia, the Eurasian Union and Turkey
  • Preferential conditions for trading with EU, USA, Japan and Australia
  • 15% company income tax
  • 20% VAT
  • 10% individual income tax
  • Other low business expenses
  • Developed road, river and airline transport networks
  • Highly qualified workforce
  • Double Taxation Agreement signed with 61 countries
  • Tax relives for the creation of new jobs


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