Free Zones Serbia: Key Advantages for Business Operations

Free Zones Serbia: Key Advantages for Business Operations

Free zones Serbia: Strategic location and extensive trade agreements streamline business with notable fiscal and customs benefits.



Geographic Position of Serbia as a Strategic Advantage

Serbia holds a central position on the Balkan Peninsula, at the crossroads of routes connecting Eastern and Western, Northern and Southern Europe. As a country at the confluence of the Danube River and on the periphery of the European Union, Serbia lies along the routes of significant European corridors 10 and 7, making it ideal for international trade.



International Trade Agreements

Serbia is a signatory to a number of significant trade agreements that facilitate business operations:

• Interim Trade Agreement with the European Union,
• CEFTA agreement, • Agreements with EFTA member countries,
• Free trade agreements with Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Turkey,
• Preferential trade regime with the United States.



Customs Facilitation

Goods intended for activities within free zones are exempt from customs duties and other import charges. Also, there is no requirement to provide a bank guarantee for customs debt for foreign goods used in production activities within the zones.



Fiscal Benefits

In free zones, business is exempt from paying VAT on:

• Entry of goods and provision of services related to entry,
• Transactions of goods and services within the zones,
• Transactions between users in different free zones,
• Consumption of energy sources.



Support from Local Government

Local authorities can provide additional benefits for the construction of facilities and infrastructure in free zones, including exemption from paying local taxes, fees, and duties, which further facilitates business operations.



Simplified Customs Procedures

Free zones apply simplified customs procedures, which significantly speeds up administrative processes.



One Stop Shop – Efficient Administration

Free zones offer a “One Stop Shop” service, where users can quickly and efficiently access various services such as transportation organization, freight forwarding services, insurance, banking operations, and many others, making free zones an attractive place for business. These advantages make the free zones in Serbia exceptionally attractive locations for investing and business development, enabling companies to maximize their efficiency and profitability in the international market.


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