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Serbia – New Home for Cubans

Serbia – New Home for Cubans


Far away from sandy beaches and Caribbean breeze, Cubans are choosing Serbia as their new home to start a new life.

The two countries are connected by historical relations, which are an excellent basis for further development of bilateral ties.

Therefore, what are the reasons why Cubans choose Serbia as their new home?

Foreigners often consider Serbia, with its variety of languages and cultures, its continental and mediterranean climate and its rich history, an attractive destination to move to.


People and Attitude Towards Life


Hospitable, smiley, warm, talkative – all this is about the Serbs. They survived the collapse of Yugoslavia, the economic crisis etc. but they did not lose their optimism, love for life and energy.



Life in Serbia Is Relatively Inexpensive


Serbia is an inexpensive, safe and very comfortable country to live in.

Real estate in Serbia is a profitable investment. You can buy an apartment in the capital, albeit a small one, at an affordable price, or rent it for 150-250 euros per month. Truth to be told, such prices should be sought carefully, and in order not to get into a mess and run into scammers, prepare in advance.

This is one of the many things that our Association can help with.


Easy to Move and Apply for a Residence Permit


Compared to many other countries, moving to Serbia is quite easy, you just need to understand in advance, what lies ahead.

Since Cubans do not need a visa to Serbia, many first come as tourists, explore the country and decide if they want to move there. The easiest way to stay is to cross the border every month for the sake of “zeroing” the period of stay. Some people have been leading such a nomadic life in Serbia for years.

There is no need to take an exam in the Serbian language at any stage of emigration and the investment is minimal. It is enough to deposit a certain amount into the account, show a lease or purchase agreement for real estate and buy basic medical insurance.


Successful resolution of the case requires a professional, experienced team, work efficiency and focus only on success. Our company has all the ingredients of this formula.

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