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Serbia the right place for you

Let us tell you shortly about the advantages of Serbia and the different solutions you may find here.


Whether you want to avoid obstacles in the process of opening a bank account, find a better place for starting your business or immigrate to a new place where you can feel safe, you are actually on the right page. 


Why is it all possible to find in Serbia? 


A European country connected to many parts of the world


Thanks to its convenient geographic position, Serbia has always been considered as near  to any part of Europe and not far from the Middle East too. West, South and East seem all close when you are here. On the top of it, for the last 15 years the government decided to increase its good relations with many different countries. 


By signing Free trade agreements with the EU, Russian Federation, Balarus, Kazakhstan and Turkey it became a lot easier to trade in Serbia while the Free zone territories offer extra benefits provided by the state.


Efficient and flexible banking system


But even if you aren‘t interested in direct trading with/from Serbia, you will get support from a banking system that is very flexible. Serbian banks will provide you service even in case of remote opening of an account, which is not usual worldwide nowadays. The list of requirements and information for opening both corporate and personal accounts is surprisingly short. But definitely, the best of all is the fact that Serbia banks will not automatically send your information abroad, being that is not in the CRS.


Immigrating to Serbia is always a good decision. The list of reasons is long, and we invite you to visit us and get in touch with the spirit of Serbia, meet the people and taste the food in order to understand the benefits of living here. Starting from the low cost of everyday life to the moment that you will feel close to the EU not only because of position but also because people will support you in English language which the foreigners find as most surprising when visiting Belgrade. That‘s how Serbia became the place where above carrying a mix of Balkan, European and Mediterranean cultures inside you easily get that feeling of finding a „new home“. 


Contact us for more information and we will provide you with all the necessary facts about Serbia.

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