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Our sales consultants can present to a company novel ways for optimizing the entire sales/marketing system that a company utilizes to convert more leads into customers. While working with the Chief Sales/Marketing Officer and strategic business analysts, our sales consultants can offer a unique outside view on implementing sales funnel charts, increasing conversion rates, lowering churn rates, increasing customer loyalty, lowering customer acquisition costs (CAC), and how each can be achieved with minimal overhead.

WTS sales consultants can also operate as more in-depth experts on specific issues, such as offering insights on how a company merger can increase sales, or helping companies forecast sales when moving into a new region or market.

Like sales consultants, WTS marketing consultants are effective thought leaders and experts who can help a business radically revolutionize its marketing pipeline and systems, including:

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  • Implementing a strategic marketing plan for long-term goals (aligned to sales forecasts).
  • Creating a Content marketing plan, and helping to implement it.
  • Helping to create plans for decreasing churn rates and increasing conversion rates, which often includes designing a system for increasing qualified leads and reducing the number of unqualified leads.
  • Aligning all marketing goals with a robust marketing funnel scheme that is linked to every phase of the marketing plan.
  • Creating and implementing an Inbound Marketing Scheme.