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Association "Welcome to Serbia" is interested in providing quality solutions, regardless of whether these solutions are related to Serbian jurisdiction. In the light of such intentions and aims, together with the top-notch companies in the field of immigration services, we offer full-scope assistance with the Granada Citizenship by Investment program. The Grenada program has been in force for the past 10 years and still attracts the attention of investors and businessmen from around the world.

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  • simplified/visa-free regime with more than 140 countries of the world, including Russian Federation, China, Schengen countries and the United Kingdom
  • access to the US E-2 program (applicant must live in Grenada for a period of three years before applying)






  • spouses, children under 30 years of age, financially dependent parents, grandparents regardless of the year of birth (provided they live with the applicant) and unmarried brothers and sisters under 18 years also have the right to apply with the applicant




Simplified procedure


  • the application and accompanying documents are submitted remotely,
  • the applicant does not have to be involved in all stages of the process,
  • the process takes 4-6 months.






  • public authorities do not disclose the personal data of the applicant.




Two paths to obtain citizenship


The applicant (and related persons), with the positive opinions of the government of Grenada given in the process of comprehensive compliance and upon successful completion of the administrative procedures, receives citizenship by choosing between two paths:


  1. Contribution to the Grenada National Transformation Fund


  • $ 150,000 per applicant,
  • $ 50,000 for a dependent parent under age 55,
  • $ 75,000 for a brother or sister,
  • $ 200,000 if the applicant applies with family members (up to 3 dependents),
  • $ 25,000 for a subsequent family member,



  1. purchasing real estate in the amount of at least $ 220,000 within a dedicated project that can be resold not earlier that 5 years from the date of purchase exclusively to future program participants,


additional expenses:

  • $ 150,000 per main applicant and up to 3 dependents,
  • $ 25,000 for a subsequent dependent family member.