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“Six factories opened since Erdogan’s last visit”

Belgrade – Six new Turkish investor factories launched in Serbia since Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s last visit to Serbia.

He recalls that more than 65 agreements have been signed with Turkey so far, and that a dozen more will be signed during the two-day visit by the Turkish president, which begun yesterday.

“We have a Free Trade Agreement, we have good political relations, now the ball is in the backyard of businessmen to take advantage of these opportunities. Serbia, from the countries of the former Yugoslavia, exports the most to Turkey. We have increased exports eight times,” the minister said.

He reminds that there are currently 515 economic entities in Serbia whose majority owners are Turkish nationals, about 320 of them are smaller or larger trade companies, but there are also manufacturing companies in places such as Krupanj, Vladicin Han, Zitoradja …

He also said that there are more and more Turkish tourists coming to Serbia, last year there were 97,000. Last year, Turkish tourists ranked second in arrivals, and this year they are among the top four states.

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