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The First “Crowdinvesting” Platform Has Been Launched in Serbia

The first “crowdinvesting” (group funding) platform has been launched in Serbia, which represents a rare important improvement at the Serbian funding market and a step forward towards the alternative funding.


Launching this platform provides a new funding source for Serbian small and medium-sized businesses and expands their opportunities to access funds for further investing in business development.


The platform connects companies seeking for the funds to invest in their growth and interested natural and legal persons that can become investors in a few minutes. The minimum investment amount is 100 EUR!


Interested companies apply to use the platform and after that undergo a detailed analysis. Only the companies that meet all the criteria can find their place on the platform. This way, the platform makes the maximum effort to minimize the investment risk.


Loan agreements are digitally signed by all investors in the subordinated loan form for the period of three or more years with the minimum annual fixed interest rate of 6%. Moreover, the investors can also get a bonus rate, which amount depends on their company’s business success.


In accordance with the system instructions, the investors transfer their money to a special-purpose account used to send the funds to the company in case a campaign is a success. If the campaign is not a success, the funds are sent back to the investors.


The association “Welcome to Serbia” offers all types of assistance in joining the platform and taking your small business to the new level. Whether you have been planning to move to Serbia and start a business or, on the contrary, you want to invest money in promising start-ups, this is the perfect time to do so, and our team of experts will be there to light your way to a brighter tomorrow.



For any further information, you can contact us via email, as well as our telephone number +381 60 184 9443 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram).

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