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Why IT Hub in Serbia?

In addition to its tourism and hospitality segment, Serbia offers new business opportunities that are certainly suitable for foreigners and their professional opportunities. When it comes to the IT sector in particular, we can definitely point it out as the most popular and highest-paying in our market, given the fact that developers are no longer people who just create interesting video games. 



Today, all types of businesses have a need for good IT professionals. It is the same in Serbia, which is why the salaries of programmers in Serbia are constantly growing.



Many foreigners, including our citizens, are rushing to open startup companies in this area, hoping for successful business results, which seem to always be achieved. Numerous tax incentives and exempts (Exemption from Income Tax and Contributions for Founders, Employing Newly-Hired Qualified Employees, etc.) have emerged in the Serbian business environment in the past couple of years, meaning that IT and tech companies are more inclined to develop their business in Serbia.



The thing that we would point out as an advantage of the IT industry in Serbia is the “emperor of digital nomadism” or the so-called possibility for foreigners to register with the Business Registers Agency as entrepreneurs with the full assistance of our association, on the basis of which they could apply for a residence permit. Thanks to the “remote work” in this industry, a foreigner is enabled to easily and efficiently move to Serbia and perform legally registered IT activities here.



The Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia determined that the highest average salaries in Serbia during the previous year were paid to IT experts. According to the National Employment Service, highly educated IT profiles get jobs faster than others and have the best chances of getting a job.



The data on one of the most popular employment sites in Serbia show that the number of advertised jobs in the IT sector has increased six times in the last seven years. A total of one fifth of the ads published on the mentioned site are those in which IT experts are sought. On the other hand, the large increase in demand is not accompanied by a sufficient number of IT professionals. According to the estimates, our market is currently lacking at least 15,000 developers. When it comes to the situation in the IT market, the fact is that employers are more likely to look for developers than the developers are likely to apply for jobs.



According to the information above, we offer foreigners to move their laptops to Serbia in the simplest possible way, with our help, to settle comfortably in their digital hubs and perform their IT activities as registered entrepreneurs from the comfort of their home in order to apply for the residence permit later. 



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