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Why should you open the bank account in Serbia?

Special Offer until 31 July 2020

There are many benefits to opening the bank account through the branch office in
Serbia such as:
1. Greater Level of Control
A branch office is not considered a separate legal entity which means that its activities
are entirely managed by the parent company in terms of the decision-making process.
The branch does not have the status of a legal entity, and in legal transactions, it acts
on behalf and for the account of the company.
Due to this, the branch cannot become a subject of the suit, bankruptcy and
2. Tax benefits
From a taxation point of view, a branch office is often a better choice when compared
to a subsidiary company.
  • Funds received on behalf of the main company are not subjected to taxation.
  • The Branch of the foreign company has its tax number and is treated as a
  • resident.
  • Tax optimization and double taxation avoidance agreements with 64 countries.
  • Funds received on behalf of the main company are not subjected to taxation.

3. Easy Bank Account Opening
According to the Law on Foreign Exchange Operations, the foreign companies’ branches are residents and they operate via their resident bank accounts in Serbia. After registering a Branch office in Serbia, bank calmly refers to the new structure as a resident and are ready to open it account immediately. As of H2 2019, the banking sector in Serbia consists of 26 banks, with cumulative assets of EUR 32.4bn. Several European banking groups has its presence at the Serbian market: Banca Intes –Italy, Credit Agricole–France, Procredit Bank–Germany, RaiffeisenBank–Austria, Sberbank–Russia, Erste Bank–Austria, UnicreditBank –Italy, OTP Bank –Hungary, Eurobank–Greece, Bank of China –China, etc.

4. Residency in Serbia
A legal representative of the branch does not have to be Serbian resident but may apply for Serbian residency on this basis.

5. Cost-Effective Locations

  • Cost-effective setup and maintenance of the company
  • Easy visa and residency options for all nationalities

Our special offer valid until 31 July 2020

Bank account through Serbian branch office = EUR8.400
NOW EUR4.900
Additional Services: Remote bank account and company registration available
Please contact us for more information.
Email: dm@welcometoserbia.org, Mob:+381 60 062 29 40 (WhatsApp,
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