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Dear Clients,


Through the years of providing Clients with solutions in accordance with current market circumstances and specifics of each Client, such as business activity, engaged jurisdictions, involvement of cross-border elements and tax implications, we understood that, especially keeping in mind current situation in the world, Clients do not only need, but demand daily, all-round support, that can help them overcome a whole specter of challenges arising from complex situations and particular aims.


5 Most Important Elements of Business Concierge Service


  1. Tailor-made solution: We understand your personal and business needs and create a monthly package while concentrating on your real needs; we help you identify your business needs and offer collaboration orientated towards particular needs that significantly differ from person to person.
  2. Priority pass: As much as we understand the need for such services, we also understand how important it is for you to solve every issue as quickly as possible – our Business Concierge Clients are treated with utmost care, which means that your designated Client Manager will either react immediately or engage our resources and our contacts in banks and state institutions so that you don’t have to postpone or stop any of your activities.
  3. Forget formalities and concentrate on business: A bank, the Tax Administration or Registry sent a letter, inquiry or any other form of communication to your address or email, containing information on the change of procedures and new requirements – we will sort it out for you by joint efforts of our legal team, accountants, financial advisors and Client managers and provide banks and state authorities with information, documentation, bilingual statements and answer to documentary, compliance and all other inquiries; this applies on the changes to the laws and bylaws applicable to your business – we monitor every change.
  4. Handle your non-financial issues: Working with HNWI for the last two decades, we have obtained valuable insight on how important are non-financial, personal needs of each Client; we arrange your accommodation, transport, telecommunication, as well as any other need that is not directly related to your business, but which engages one of your most important assets – time.
  5. Take proactive approach: Our extensive experience in working in different European jurisdictions allows us to monitor not only local, but also European tendencies regarding banking, correspondent bank requirements, double tax avoidance agreements, cross-border business requirements and many other; our advice will help you maintain the flexibility of your business on a long-term basis.


This service, which we call the Business Concierge, includes practically all business services that ensure legal and efficient operation of your company in Serbia:


  • qualified representation in front of Serbian tax authorities,
  • representation, starting from simple provision of documents in competent branches, to the qualified representation in front of bank officers on the basis of PoA,
  • specialized representation by an attorney-at-law on an interview at the Department for Foreigners (police), during different inspections and in the process of answering any requirements,
  • legal services of our in-house lawyers and partner attorney-at-law offices that provide you full protection before state bodies and third parties and in the event of any legal dispute,
  • organization of the company information and documentary flow, including electronic invoicing, work with banking documents, communication and the exchange of documents with state institutions and third parties, etc.
  • maintenance of business premises and virtual addresses, processing business mail and every related matter,
  • organization and management of administrative affairs,
  • consulting in the field of proper interpretation and application of local laws related to the company operations,
  • consulting services related to the purchase of local securities,
  • as well as all other professional services at your request for your personal and business needs.


We particularly want to emphasize that you get all this at a minimum price and completely in line with your real needs, depending on the size of the company and its business needs, thus saving a lot of money and time in relation to individual services and partial solutions to business procedures and problems.


We have the role of a personal assistant who knows you and your personal and business needs very well, monitors you at all times and solves any business or private problem, making sure that none of these things burdens your business budget.

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