New success – We have clients from over 45 countries | Welcome to Serbia

New success – We have clients from over 45 countries

In November, 2021 our company managed to increase the number of client countries to over 45, which we consider a huge success, which confirms our leading position in Serbia in the field of professional services provided to foreign clients.

This is certainly a great success, even for better-known jurisdictions, such as Switzerland, Cyprus, Malta, Andorra, and others that have been offering these types of services to foreign customers for decades.


We are proud of the fact that this result was achieved in a country that is not known in the world but which we believe is becoming one of the world’s leading living and working destinations not only for business people but also for digital nomads, retirees, IT companies and professionals, crypto-business and start-up companies that have discovered the great advantages and opportunities of Serbia in Europe and the world.


Negative and unjustified propaganda directed at Serbia in the last 30 years has resulted in the formation of negative stereotypes, ignorance, and even fear among many foreigners who are looking for the best and unique solutions for their business and private situations.

Given that our company brings together not only leading global and local experts but also belongs to a group of companies that are active in some of the world’s leading jurisdictions such as Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Spain, Andorra, and Montenegro, we can safely say that in the last 5 years Serbia has slowly become one of the world’s leading destinations for business people, a destination with unique opportunities and solutions that no longer exist in traditional jurisdictions.

In the modern world, where human and financial freedoms are limited to the impossibility of employment, Serbia offers virtually all the solutions needed by clients operating internationally in almost all areas of activity.


Our clients do not only come from over 45 different countries but they also come from different areas of business with different business tasks and goals that they successfully achieve in our country. In our work so far, we have helped individual and corporate clients solve all their problems that they could not solve in other jurisdictions. We have helped business people and companies in the field of digital marketing, crypto business, financial services, national television, digital nomads, IT companies, offshore structures, real estate companies, construction companies, investment funds, but also individual investors and HNWI.

In the future, we will try to bring you closer to the experiences of many of them and to invite business people from around the world to get acquainted with our services and unique solutions and achieve successful business cooperation.

We wish all our existing and future clients and partners a successful 2022!
Welcome to Serbia team

Please find below the list of countries from which our clients come:



1. China 24. Canada
2. Russia 25. France
3. Belarus 26. Switzerland
4. Netherlands 27. UAE
5. Turkey 28. Italy
6. Romania 29. Kazakhstan
7. Spain 30. Georgia
8. Cyprus 31. Israel
9. India 32. Singapore
10.Ukraine 33. Armenia
11. Venezuela 34. Hungary
12. Austria 35. Malaysia
13. UK 36. Seychelles
14. Egypt 37. Ireland
15. Estonia 38. Colombia
16. Australia 39. Moldova
17. USA 40. Belgium
18. Japan 41. Tanzania
19. Shri Lanka 42. South African Republic
20. Lithuania 43. Greece
21. Latvia 44. Poland
22. Cuba 45. Slovakia
23. Hong Kong 46. Bulgaria


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