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Expand your business by opening corporate account in Serbia

Serbian banking system gives a unique combination of benefits for opening a business bank account. This is the most efficient way to start a business here. We can provide you with a full list of requirements for opening a corporate bank account if you reach out. Key advantages of the Serbian banking system are the following:


  • More than 30 banks operate in Serbia among which you can choose between EU, American, UAE or China banks
  • The accounts can be opened in:  USD, EUR, CHF, TRY, RUB, GBP, CAD, DKK, JPY, SEK
  • The banks are very open to international clients even for complicated structures
  • Different company activities are accepted, even those that are far too undesirable in Europe Union or further
  • No minimum deposit required
  • Low maintenance fees, from 3 to 7 EUR/month
  • Remote account opening
  • Only general information required during the process of opening
  • Transactions from all jurisdictions are accepted


If you combine this with very low taxes and benefits such as following, you get the real opportunity to make your business more profitable:


  • no withholding tax
  • double taxation avoidance for 54 countries
  • income tax ranging from 0 to 15%


Isn‘t it great to hear that all these can be found in one place? But wait, that is not all…we didn‘t mention the main benefit: SERBIAN BANKS ARE CRS FREE ZONE!


Please do not hesitate to contact us and find out more details and a short list of requirements for starting your business through Serbia bank accounts in just 15 days.


For any question please contact on 


+381 60 1849 443 (whatsapp, telegram)

or send us email: online@welcometoserbia.org

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