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Professional Services for High Net Worth Individuals

Once your skills in commercial operations and business model lead you to success and you join the group of high net worth individuals, your priorities will be determined by the accompanying necessities, investments and long-term projects. Our team of well-experienced banking experts, lawyers and accountants recognized the importance of providing top-notch services and solutions in the most important fields of such work, making sure your business continues to flourish.


1. Family Office


Family office services are designed to fulfil all essential needs that clients have in the jurisdictions in which we operate. These services imply operational, administrative, consulting and legal services. Family office is a must-have tool which helps clients to concentrate on the business itself and to leave time-consuming activities (day-to-day communication with banks, registry, tax authorities, accountants, partners, etc.) to professionals with vast experience and connections in this area. Such services include administrative, banking, legal, accounting, correspondence and consultation components.


2. Confidentiality


At the moment, thanks to the current Serbian law and the positive attitude of the banks, the Serbian legal system offers a special legal form that guarantees full identity protection to individuals and companies, without the risk of losing legal and factual control over such structures. Our in-house lawyers and external attorneys-at-law have been involved in the structuring of complex structures for HNWI for the last two decades. Those legal forms are fully supported by the local banks in compliance with the positive local, EU and other international laws, bylaws and procedures imposed on the banking sector, with guaranteed usage of full-scale banking services.


3. Asset Protection


Serbian endowment, another specific legal form, offers well-known benefits of Anglo-Saxon trust and Panamanian foundations, but without the need to appoint the external protectors. Founding capital of the endowment is not taxable and donations and gifts are taxed at the lowest tax rate in Serbia of 2.5%. The assets of the endowment are legally separated from the founders and beneficiaries, which means that such assets cannot be subject to court decisions, divorce procedures and similar risks. At the same time, in accordance with Serbian laws and internal documents, the assets can only be controlled by the persons designated by the founders and spent exclusively in favour of the beneficiaries. Such structure may also be used as a holding of domestic or companies registered abroad, given that dividend payouts are not subject to taxation either. 


4. Tax Consultation


Extensive work experience in banking and services sectors of Eastern and Western European jurisdictions allowed us to perceive various situations from the perspective of personal bankers, accountants, auditors and lawyers, which contributes to better integration of different opinions and quality responses to numerous tax concerns. Our core team and accountancy expert cover personal income tax, corporate income tax, value added tax, property tax,
annual personal income tax, all with the aim of optimizing tax expenditures, reducing
tax risk and managing the tax procedure in a professional way.


Please feel free to contact us for assistance in acquiring our family office services. You can rely on our banking experts, lawyers and consultants, who will deliver tailor-made solutions, taking care of your personal and financial interest. We are looking forward to building a long-term business relationship with you.

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