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Grow your IT business in Serbia

If you want to open an IT firm but not in your country, this is a perfect solutions for you. 

You are looking for other countries which would be good candidates for expanding or starting a new business.
Serbia is a place where the law is oriented to foreigner’s investments with a well-educated, intelligent and industrious workforce. This makes Serbia one of the best places for foreigner companies.

Main reasons why you should open an IT company in Serbia are:

– More than half of a young population is attending IT Academies and College of Technology.
– Serbia is a developing country which is dedicated to attracting foreign direct investments.
– Foreigners have various benefits if they decide to open an IT company in Serbia.
 Law is on your side so you won’t have any problem with registration and filing when starting a new business.
– There is no language barrier, because everyone speaks English. This applies especially to the younger generations which are the main workforce of this country.
Your company won’t have many strong competitors and you can use this opportunity to your advantage.  

Big companies such as Google, Facebook and Oracle are still not present at the Serbian market. By opening an IT company in Serbia you would become competitive before these companies come here.  If you run your business successfully, you can develop enough to become a great competition in this region.

Be aware that Serbia is a state with huge potential. You will be able to enjoy subventions and other financial benefits for foreign investments, you can find good and loyal workers here, and you won’t have many strong competitors.


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