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Knowledge of market sectors combined with the experience and professionalism of our consultants allows WTS to advise Clients on the most effective method of recruitment. Each recruitment project carried out by WTS is treated individually based on a detailed analysis of the Client needs.

Welcome to Serbia specialises in recruiting middle-management, scarce skills and executive candidates within the Finance, Banking, Insurance and Legal sectors across Serbia. Our aim is to find exceptional and trustworthy executives to lead our clients’ business operations in Serbia.

We can provide following personnel according to your specific needs:
  • Nominee Director
  • Senior and Middle level staff
  • Outsourcing Your Office 

Nominee Director


First of all, nominees are needed when the country of incorporation has a public register of
shareholders and directors, on which you do not wish your name to be listed.
The nominee director will manage your company’s affairs and will never perform these duties at his sole discretion. The nominee acts strictly on instruction from the beneficial owner with whom he is bound by contractual arrangements based on International and Serbian legal framework. If the beneficial owner wants, the nominee director may have broader powers, but the beneficial owner is still able, at any time, to cancel the decision of the nominee director.

Senior and Middle level staff


WTS Team is an energetic and forward-thinking organisation, with the ability to adapt to the everchanging environment of the local and international business industry.We are constantly trying to be able to take proactive measures to ensure nothing can surprise us, our clients and our partners. Speaking of the changing environment, especially in the past few months, we realized how sometimes it can be difficult to manage business from another country. Carefully selected personnel will allow you to run your business smoothly. In this way you do not think about bureaucracy, cooperation with state institutions, but only reap the fruits of your labor and as the most significant benefit you run your company from your home.

Outsourcing Your Office 


Serbia is a place where the law is oriented to foreigner’s investments with a well-educated,
intelligent and industrious workforce. This makes Serbia one of the best places for foreigner
companies. In case you want to form a company or simply expand your business, we can provide you with full assistance – from registration of a company until the recruitment of the complete stuff by organizing your office in Serbia on turn key basis.

We can take on the position of nominee director, shareholder, or company secretary to protect your privacy. We will maintain clear and regular communication to ensure your individual needs are understood and met.

Feel free to contact us fore more details.

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