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Should I choose Ready made or a New company?

When starting your own business you may ask yourself do I want to register a new company or should I buy a ready-made company?

You may consider purchasing ready-made company if you need a company urgently and do not have time to wait for Serbia Business Register Agency (SBRA) to process an application, or do not want to risk SBRA rejecting an application causing you to miss a deadline. (If you have already

missed your deadline then an aged company can be used to provide a historic incorporation date.)
Registering a new company would take weeks to complete. When purchasing a ready-made
company it allowed people to transfer the ownership. They could resign nominee officers then appoint the new individuals.
Should you choose a Ready-Made or new Limited Company?
Although incorporating a new company is popular than purchasing a ready-made company there are still some reasons people require a ready-made company. The most common reason is the incorporation date show that company has been in existence several years which can be beneficial as it gives the impression the company has been in business for a longer period.
We have several previously incorporated companies that have never traded,
available for immediate transfer, and fully inclusive of all documentation.
Buy Ready-Made Company for ONLY 3,900 EUR including bank account, VAT number, registered office service and all taxes.
SPECIAL: Remote registration procedure
Additional related services:
  • Accounting services from EUR 50/per month
  • Registered office (prestigious business address) from EUR 50/per month

Incorporation WTS incorporation expert will guide you through the process!

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