Immigration Consulting by WTS: Comprehensive Services in Serbia

Immigration Consulting

Immigration Consulting Services by WTS



At WTS, our highly experienced immigration advisers bring together a unique blend of legal expertise, Home Office insights, and consulting backgrounds to cater to your diverse Serbian immigration requirements.



We’re committed to helping you structure your immigration program effectively. Our comprehensive support encompasses:

  • Understanding Your Needs and Defining Project Parameters
  • Data Analysis
  • Preparation of Advice, Recommendations, and Deliverables



Here are key highlights of WTS immigration consulting services:


1. Visa and Immigration Application Assistance: WTS assists clients in the preparation and submission of visa and immigration applications. Our guidance extends to selecting the appropriate visa category, completing essential forms, and assembling required supporting documents.


2. Document Review: At WTS, we carefully review clients’ documents, including passports, academic transcripts, and work experience certificates, ensuring they align with the stipulations of immigration authorities.


3. Eligibility Assessment: WTS conducts a thorough assessment of a client’s eligibility for various immigration programs and options. This assessment considers factors such as education, work experience, language proficiency, and family connections.


4.  Advice on Immigration Programs: WTS furnishes comprehensive information on the array of available immigration programs, covering family-sponsored immigration, employment-based visas, investor visas, student visas, and refugee/asylum applications.


5. Bank account opening assistance: WTS facilitates the process of opening a personal bank account. Different banks require various documents, and our approach adapts according to individual cases. Based on our clients’ needs and preferences, we offer guidance on selecting suitable and reliable banking options.


6. Immigration Policy Updates: Recognizing the frequent alterations in immigration laws and policies, WTS remains up-to-date with these changes. We diligently inform clients of any updates that might influence their immigration status or applications.


7. Appeal and Representation: In cases where visa applications face denials or delays, WTS stands ready to assist with the appeals process or represent clients in immigration proceedings.


8. Settlement Services: WTS may offer information and resources to help newcomers adapt to their new country, including finding housing, schools, healthcare, and cultural orientation.



Selecting a reputable immigration service is paramount, one staffed with experienced and knowledgeable consultants and attorneys.

Welcome to Serbia is your trusted source for legal and immigration services for foreign nationals in Serbia.

Our team of experienced attorneys specializes in all aspects of immigration law, including visa applications, work permits, and citizenship. At WTS, we’re dedicated to charting the best immigration path for you and your family.


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